September: Getting Back to Business

September is here and we are ready to get back to business! It’s the perfect month to sharpen our pencils and go back to school, biz school that is! This month our theme is totally packed with brilliant posts to help you and your business make this fall the best one yet. Special guest posts and #omhg chat co-hosts, plus a few very exciting surprises are all in the works. So straighten up that desk and grab a pad of paper, you’re going to want to be taking notes this month!

What do you want to learn this month? Is there a specific question you need answered or industry you are interested in? Maybe something you are struggling with or someone you would love us to interview? Leave your questions and suggestions in the comments and I’ll wave my magic wand and do what I can to make it happen.


    • Jessika says:

      @Linda-done! An etsy post is in the works + some ideas on how to embrace the new relevancy feature: )
      @April-thanks-one of the things I love most about OMHG is bringing knowledge to one place and sharing it with those who need it. If you would like to support the site please feel free to pick up a copy of my workbook in the shop!

  1. cinzia says:

    looking forward to it! I need some etsy tips or resources for etsy alternatives. Also, i’m not a fan of facebook on a personal level, but is there a ‘business’ only option?

  2. Linda says:

    hi jessika….i’m looking forward to your etsy post….another thing i’m curious about is etsy etiquette….i’m planning to open a shop in january & know some of the fabric collections that i plan to use in the handcrafted items….should i contact the designers to tell them of my plans & to see how they might want to be recognized or should i just make the items??? thanks so much, linda

    • Jessika says:

      Oooh that is a very fascinating question Linda! I am a big believer in making connections-I would absolutely suggest contacting the designers, you never know what kind of relationships can grow from an initial email: ) I’ll work on seeing if I can get an article that addresses this question!

  3. Linda says:

    hi jessika…i have read that having a blog is a good way to promote traffic to your online store….do you have information that compares the various blog sites so as to make an informed decision about which one to work with?

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