Do It For Yourself – 4 Projects Just For You!

Chances are you began your journey into your creative business by creating things for yourself (and loved ones). Are you still making time to make outside of your business? As we become wrapped up in our own businesses, often the first thing to go is this kind of “me-time”. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself – give yourself free time and reward yourself every now and then!

Here are four DIY projects which don’t take a lot of time or materials. As the seasons change, who doesn’t want a few new special things? Go on then, do it FOR yourself!

  1. T-Shirt Necklace – Whole Living (This would be great as a Fall Scarf too!)
  2. Envelope Clutch – SwellMayde
  3. Glittery Brooch / Belt – Tatertots & Jello
  4. Sparkly Shoes – Modernly Wed

Have you spotted any great DIY projects lately? Please share them in the comments.

What are you doing for yourself in your me-time? We’d love to hear about it!


  1. So true – I never get time to lose myself in sewing anymore! Thanks for the nudge to make time.

    These are all beautifully simple and stylish – just need to decide which one to do first!

    PS You should also check out Lolly Chops’ blog:

    She shares loads of great tutorials for pretty things – some of them teal, some of them not ;o)

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