Handmade Here: Columbus, Ohio & Etsy Team Love

by Grace Hester of Grace Hester Designs

I remember starting out on Etsy in 2009 as a seller (shopper since 2008) and chancing upon the concept of Etsy Teams.  The first team I joined was the Busy Moms of Etsy team and the friendships and contacts made have been such an integral part of my positive experience with selling on Etsy.  When I wanted to add local shows and fairs to my mix of channels for selling, I read somewhere that joining a “street” team or a local team would be a great way to get updated information about local art and craft events so I sought out and found Etsy Team Columbus.   Although I could not make a lot of their local get-togethers, I did enjoy the networking when I could and learned a lot about the local consignment or wholesale opportunities, local suppliers of craft show fixtures, indie events going on in the various neighborhoods, and best places to go for garage sales, amongst other things.  There’s also something about being able to engage with fellow creatives and see their work or work process in person.  We would throw ideas around and help one another “bake” new concepts that they wanted to try for their shops.

So when I am asked for tips for networking from other handmade sellers, one of the suggestions I will provide is to join a team or guild, be it online or an actual local team.  Even within an online team, you might be able to connect with others in the same city or state as you are in.  They are usually willing to share tips and provide feedback to help you improve, so there is much to gain from leaning on their experience to get insight into resolving a problem you are facing.  Although my schedule does not permit me to be as engaged with them as before, we still keep in touch via email, twitter, and facebook.  So a big thank you to Etsy Team Columbus by showcasing some of the fun handmade creations for kids from the members!  O-H-I-O!



Thing 1 and Thing 2 Twinzees…


Holga Shirt Plastic Fantasti…




Custom Birthday Party Invita…


Orwell Clutch – Pink Rabbit …


Blue Birdie Bank


ABCs for Baby Girl 16×20 Spe…


Three Jellybean Easter Bunni…


Monkey Embroidery Pencil Top…


Apples Bib


Leper-d – 20×20


Theo Bear. Limited Edition i…


Columbus Ohio – Glass Tile M…


Christening Baptism Hangers


Eco Friendly ReUsable Bag Sa…


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