Super Amazing Snow Day Fun!

snow day fun for kids, snow day tutorial, peg dolls for winterby Jessika Hepburn, Editor

We got almost three feet of snow last week and I was inspired to make my older daughter a little family to play with outside. I have been thinking for awhile about making an ice city and when we heard school would be cancelled the next day I decided that it was the perfect time to give it a try.

The evening before we filled a pile of containers of all shapes and sizes with water and then added a couple drops of food coloring to each one. The next morning they were buried in snow & we had a grand time excavating our buildings. We stuck them inside for a couple of minutes to warm up then headed out to make our city. We were surprised to find that a number of our “castles” hadn’t frozen completely and were still liquid in the middle so when we unmolded them they were hollow and glowed in the morning sun.

snow day fun for kids, snow day tutorial, winter activies for children

Ila played with her little people in the snow for HOURS and wouldn’t come in even after she was blue and shivering, I finally had to bribe her inside with the promise of hot chocolate! All in all a free, fun snow day activity that will buy you a couple of hours; )

To make the wooden people I painted the whole doll with a couple coats of white acrylic paint, added skin tone in a semi-circle on the front for the face plus some hair with brown paint & drew on the eyes with a black marker. I gave them a coat of modgepodge  &  little red felt scarves to finish them off. I will have a people painting tutorial to share with you soon plus a super secret craft challenge being planned for the coming months!

I hope you have fun playing in the snow-how do you keep your children happy (and out of your hair!) on snow days?

snow day fun for kids, snow day tutorial, winter activies for children


  1. Kelly K. says:

    Wow I thought our 17″ here in Michigan was a lot last week! What a fun idea…I can’t wait for your tutorial on the dolls, they’re SO cute!

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