Tutorials: Wonderful Washi Tape

Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial
by Marisa Edghill of Omiyage
At the beginning of a new year, I always like to take a look back at the things which brought a little joy to my life in an effort to make each year more joyful than the last.  And, often, these are simple pleasures – a cup of tea and a good book, fresh snow, snail mail, the smell of bread baking. In 2010, one of those simple pleasures for me was washi tape.
A little back story for you: In 2006, a group of artists approached a Japanese masking tape manufacturer – Kamoi Kakoshi – and presented them with a book of art they had created using the company’s industrial masking tapes.  They came to the company with a request, that Kamoi Kakoshi manufacture masking tapes in a variety of colours for use by artists.  Intrigued by what could be, Kamoi created mt masking tape – washi tape in 20 colours designed to bring out the beauty of the rice paper or washi That is, I think, what sets Japanese masking tapes apart from their Western versions – the use of rice paper, which allows the tape to be delicate yet strong and gives it an unmatched translucent quality. Anyway, back to our story, these colourful masking tapes were a hit – with artists, crafters, and design aficionados alike.  Heartened by the success, new colours and patterns – traditional, playful, modern – were released and embraced by the international community.  Washi tape was a hit!
Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial
So why is washi tape so popular?  I think it’s because the tape is beautiful yet useful at the same time – tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it.  Washi tape has been used to create art, in scrapbook layouts, to stick things to walls, as wall decor – the list goes on and on – it’s really one of the elusive products that once you get it in your hands your mind is brimming with different ways to use it.  I use it for gift wrapping, card making, making my shipping envelopes look a bit more cheerful, papercrafting and just around the house where I would normally use a boring piece of regular tape.  It really is as versatile as they say!  To get you started, here are a few tutorials and ideas we found that make great use of washi tape:
Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial, paper quilts
Paper Quilts – a gorgeous way to use up paper scraps and to highlight the beauty of your tape. via Leslie Shrewring for Decor8
Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial, Walnut Boats
Walnut Boats – sail away with this sweet DIY via Hip Hip Hooray!
Plan a Party – washi tape can add a wonderful burst of colour to your next gathering. via Project Wedding
Twist Ties, Party, Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial
Pretty Twist Ties – simple but lovely.  Perfect for tying up gifts of homemade baking! via Zakkalife
Postcard Books, Washi Tape, omiyage, washi tape tutorial
Postcard Books – try your hand at simple bookmaking. via Omiyage blog
Of course, there are so many other ways to use this tape: cupcake flags, sweet tape buntings, to keep you organized, picture wallsEaster eggs.  The possibilities go on and on! What do you / would you use washi tape for?
Love it, want it, need it?  Omiyage carries the original mt masking tape in over 60 different colours and patterns!


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    Some great ideas and inspiration. Am trying to think of something equally clever but am struggling…

    Another super post with plenty of eye candy – thank you OMHG! Lucy x

    PS Paper quilts definitely my fave.

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