DIY Rick Rack Mini Felt Buntings + Giveaway

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

I’m jumping on the bunting bandwagon! I love bunting, rick rack, making little things and wool felt-combining all of them (+ an excuse to bake cake) is a recipe for making my heart sing. This weekend I didn’t “work” but I did make this tutorial with Ila’s help during Sela’s afternoon nap, she is such a wonderful assistant! I wanted to make a project for our party theme that was fast and fun but could be used to make every day a little party. It is also my blog sister birthday gift to Miss (soon to be Mrs-eek!!!!) Mayi Carles-this one is for you chica, congratulations! Blessings! More parties!

I made the bunting using the beautiful wool felt from our sponsor Felt on The Fly in the Blossom color way & Janet has generously offered some packages of her felt so you can make your own bunting (& try out the long stemmed roses tutorial).

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

You will need some really basic supplies to make your bunting-rick rack (I love the vintage stuff, more for the packaging then any other reason), craft glue (or fabric glue), at least one color 8 x12 sheet of wool felt, a ruler + scissors. If you want to make cupcake toppers and/or a cake topper you will need toothpicks and doweling. That’s it!

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

To make the triangle bunting:

  • Cut 1 yard of each size of the rick rack you are using-I used small, medium & large to match the triangles.
  • Cut 3 rectangles from your wool felt- small (1/2″x 12″), medium (3/4″x 12″), large (1″x 12″)
  • I don’t use a pattern for cutting out the triangles, just cut off the end of the rectangle at a diagonal & go for it! Ila loves catching the little triangles as they are cut & sorting them into neat piles.
  • Then dip the very edge of each triangle in the glue & stick it on, be careful to line up the edge of the triangle with the rick rack so it doesn’t show when you flip it over.
  • Let it dry until the glue is slightly set then turn it over and make sure everything is in the right place.
  • Dry and then store by wrapping around a piece of cardboard or reuse the rick rack packaging.

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

You can make cupcake toppers with the smaller buntings by dabbing the end of the tooth pick in glue and wrapping the edge of the bunting around on each side. Or a cake topper by hot gluing the bunting onto doweling.I fancied up these baskets with it too.

I’m just getting started on imagining all the ways this bunting could be used! Some more ideas are:

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

Gift wrap, cards, and scalloped bunting inspired by Bridgett of Perideau Designs Oh My! inspired printable party set. What else? Photo shoot props, embellishments for packaging, scrap booking….I scanned them and used one for the title image. The list is endless!

rick rack bunting tutorial, mini bunting tutorial, cupcake bunting, felt bunting, felt garland

Ready to make your own?

Felt On The Fly  is giving away THREE sets of four 8 x 12 sheets of 100% wool felt in your choice of colors! Leave a comment below telling us what colors you would choose from her shop (I know, it will be HARD) and/or  your ideas for how you would use the rick rack bunting.

Get an extra entry for adding Felt on the Fly to your Etsy favorites.

+ if you want to share this giveaway and tutorial on Twitter & Facebook, hooray! Leave a separate comment if you do.

This giveaway is now CLOSED congratulations to:

psst…a sneak peek of upcoming handmade goodness coming your way next month from Felt On The Fly and OMHG:




  1. hearttypat says:

    Lemon Lime, Sea Green and Cobalt Blue are definitely my faves! Bought from Felt on the Fly (already on my fave list!) before and I love them! I wish I had more to play with though..
    My mac monitor needs some colours. Guess what I will be using to decorate it with!

  2. Bel Henderson says:

    OH MY Indeed! I must make myself some mini bunting! gorgeous! I already have feltonthefly in my etsy favourites – and I just adore the Carnation, Raspberry and Bermuda colours at the moment 🙂

  3. lindyloo says:

    So many glorious colours but I think I would choose Lemon Lime, Bright Pink, Mulberry and Ecru. I am creating a nursery for my gorgeous new baby girl and this bunting would add such a cute touch!

  4. susan says:

    I am thinking fall already….so I would choose the orange family colors – carrot, sweet potato, and pumpkin and use that sweet bunting idea to trim a glass cake stand with a chocolate chip zucchini (from my garden) bundt cake on top.

  5. Mayi Carles says:

    OMG OMG OMG. This is absolutely the most wonderful surprise EVER. Jessika, seriously, you have the heart of a T-Rex on steroids + I adore you with every ounce of my being. What a blessing to be able to celebrate with you even though we’re so many miles away from each other. How crazy awesome is that, right?

    Thanks for melting my heart with this one my friend!

    • Jessika says:

      And I adore you!!!!!!! It is so crazy awesome that we get to celebrate with each other & that the internet is such a grand matchmaker!
      I want to come to your wedding!!! The best reason to party ever (short of new bebes!) <3 <3 <3 to you

  6. Cinnamon says:

    There’s no way I could decide which color, I want them all! If I had some of that rick-rack bunting right now though, I ‘d use it to make my daughter’s birthday invitations. She’s turning 4 and this is the first year she really knows what’s going on. It’s exciting for everyone.

  7. Lindi says:

    It’s so hard to choose… the pinks and browns are lovely, though I don’t know which ones to pick! I would make a cake topper with the bunting. 🙂

    (Please delete the duplicate comment under Helen’s name… I forgot to change it to my name when I took the keyboard!)

  8. Ali says:

    Love this! I love the colors thistle & lavender pink (anything girly). I am making decorations for mini trees in my daughter’s room for Christmas. This mini bunting would make the cutest accent 🙂

  9. Virginia says:

    Hard choice, so much felting goodness here! I really like Red, Fuchsia and White together. It would lovely made into little triangle flags attached to toothpicks going over on my daughter’s birthday cake or attached onto her birthday invitation and thank you cards – very sweet!

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