Making it Personal: A Little More About Me

jessika hepburn, oh my handmade editor

by Jessika Hepburn, Editor

Hello everyone! Look it’s me! Yikes.

I am blaming this post (in a good way) on Miss Modish, Jena’s piece yesterday about marketing minus the slime encouraged me to take the plunge and make things personal. This is an about me post that I should have added forever ago. I have even gotten a few emails asking where my picture was-sorry it took me so long to get up the courage! I am always happiest as the coordinator, I love to lead and delegate but I don’t feel a need to be in the spotlight. I am more a we and our person then a me and mine.

But as much as Oh My isn’t about me, it kind of is…I was so excited to take on OMHG because it was a collective of shared experience. With a background in community & non-profit marketing and development I could easily relate to working as part of a team and even leading one. To me this is far less scary then being a one-person show. I work better and am happier when I am part of a community! But a community is made up of individuals, each with their own story, and face. So here’s mine! I’m hoping to get some pro pictures done this spring and I promise to share more little bits about me and my life. I’m even working on a real bio page. For now this is a snapshot of me from little baby to mamahood and the one above is just a couple of weeks old.

jessika hepburn

Hope you enjoy getting to know me better!


  1. Katie Smith says:

    Oh, this is fantastic! Making it personal this way adds such volume and dimension to everything 🙂 You’re beautiful! I agree with everyone else, nice to put a face with the words. Thanks for being brave and sharing!

  2. Janet W says:

    Oh, hi!!! Hey – it’s soooo nice to meet you! I am loving this blog for more and more reasons every single day. Thanks so much for being brave and taking the plunge. Why be shy? It’s just ‘us’, right??

    : )

  3. Cooey! Great to meet you Jessika – amazing pictures – I feel chilled just watching you guys all snuggled up on the sofa!

    Well done for being brave and sharing – this online communication thing is even cooler when you can see the real people behind it! Lucy x

  4. Heidi says:

    I know how you feel. I finally did a little personal post this week, and it was only a little unnerving. I love your photos, especially the little baby pic! So sweet.

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