Spring Cleaning Door Hanger Printable + Help Checklist

by Mayi Carles of Heartmade

mayi carles, spring cleaning printable, creative organization, free printable

Spring is here + with it splendid blooming flowers + joyful birds serenading + possibly a house that’s falling into pieces too. Thank goodness for Spring Cleaning tradition – a time to reflect + refresh + revamp our homes + hearts to start off the new season invigorated + ready to tackle the world.

I must confess, I’m a huge fan of organization (I’ve earned my Monica Geller reputation after years of practice), but even I need a little kick in the pants every now + then to get the dirty job done. So today, I’ve whipped out a super cute Spring Cleaning Door Hanger Printable to get you all excited about jumping on board into the Spring Cleaning overhaul wagon.

I know, I know. It takes more that a lovely printable to get in the mood to do piles of laundry + clean up dirty dishes + dust away the supply cabinet. So aside from today’s digital goodie, I’m also going to show you some easy to follow steps + techniques to help you organize your messy life.

mayi carles, spring cleaning printable, creative organization, free printable

Here’s my bullet proof Spring Cleaning checklist:

1. Soul searching. First thing I want you do do is grab a note pad + pencil + jot down every part of your home + heart that is making you feel uneasy. It can be an unattended inbox + an overcrowded website that’s scaring people away + a horrid cabinet drawer or even your overdue library books. Whatever it is that’s making your feel crappy inside, write it down.

2. Got to find the reasons. Now that you’ve confronted the main areas that need mayor work, sit down + analyze + write down the reasons why you want to get rid of them. It’s important to tie your dreams + wishes to strong + tangible sentiments that will get you from abstract mode to action gear. Figure out why the disorganization is happening, why it’s affecting you so much + why you can’t take it any longer. Do this process with each item of your list.

3. Get creative. Now you get to use your super creative right-brain to find clever solutions to fix your problems + old habits + messiness. Do you need shelves + hooks to unpile your shoes? Do you need to hire an assistant to help you manage your e-mail load? Do you have to pick a day each month to do your finances so the receipts don’t reach the sky? Do you need to call a friend for help? Use that brilliance of yours to find concrete solutions to your problems.

4. Schedule it. Rome was not created in a day. So leave aside the superwomen syndrome + be realistic about your expectations. With a calendar in hand + your Spring Cleaning to do list, assign a day for each item or even a weekend if there’s substantially more work involved. It’s important to do one task at a time to stay motivated + engaged.

5. Ready. Set. Go! When the time comes to put on your apron + get cleaning, make sure be there + on time + present + ready to roll. If you need tools or materials to get the job done, have them handy. If you need your umpa lumpa crew (aka your family + friends + etc.) on board for the project, be sure to remind them of the engagement. Be ready to undertake everything!

6. Reward yourself. A pat on the back is nice, but a cupcake + a massage session or a mojito is even better. Be gentle with yourself + celebrate each victory with little (or big) gifts. They will sure keep you going like the Energizer bunny + super excited to complete every task that you set out to accomplish.

I truly hope these manual was helpful for ya’. Be sure to add your Spring Cleaning success tip below to keep the conversation going.


Mayi Carles

mayi carles, spring cleaning printable, creative organization, free printable

Mayi Carles is a super passionate artist + avid eco-friendly designer + creative coach + editor of heartmade with big dreams + messy ideas + a severe cupcake addiction + a funny Panamanian accent. Mayi’s on a mission to empower creative hearts to dream bigger + imagine better + achieve more + embrace all the beautiful messiness in-between. To connect with Mayi, follow her tweets at @mayicarles.

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    I love the pointers and the illustration. I recognized that the post was Mayi’s just from the illustration !
    Excuse me , while I get back to some cleaning ..in my case it would be fall cleaning ..since I live in Australia 🙂

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