What is Your Mommy Must Have?

by Cassandra Rippberger of Pixie Chicago

Since we are focusing on the powerful mothers of the world this month, Pixie Chicago wanted to create something to make mother’s lives easier. After some intense conversations with mothers we came up with the must have item for mothers and all parents.

Mother’s are always writing notes and sending money to their child’s school/daycare and it seemed to be an issue when trying to get their kids out the door in the morning. Specially when little Joey suddenly remembers the class field trip slip is due today along with some money….oh yea, and the bus is waiting outside, we have all been there and as much as every mother tries to plan out every moment, it just isn’t realistic.

So, Pixie Chicago came up with a great solution for those last minute items to school:

notes to school, mommy must haves, pixie chicago, stationery

We are actually selling a lot more of these than I imagined since summer is approaching, but many mother’s say they can also work great for summer camp, daycare, etc. We love creating products that are not only designed well but also very functional.

We would love feedback from all the parents out there who could use a little something to help them with their every day lives.  Leave a comment below and let us know what product is missing from your life.  It doesn’t matter if it is a paper product or not, we want to read all comments!

Also, Pixie Chicago is offering 25% OFF of our must have envelopes for the month of June!!

Enjoy and we cannot wait to read all of your comments!!


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