A Giveaway Fairy Tale: How the Road Rose Up to Meet Cute Little Thing

cute little thing, aeolidia, aimee ray, handmade rebranding, motherhood and small business

by Jessika Hepburn, Editor (but mostly by Roseann Sherry of cute little thing)

I almost don’t have the words to introduce this interview-I have so much to say and at the same time don’t even know where to start. This is easily the most amazing story I have ever shared here, about the transformational power of creativity and the strength of one woman’s passion to create a better life for her daughter, herself and the world. Adventure, loss, new beginnings-it has them all. It is also a story of how Oh My! Handmade is finding it’s place in the world and building community. So I hope you have some tissue handy because this interview will move you and open the doors of your heart, it’s that incredible.

First the quick back story: I met Roseann of cute little thing via the NaturalKids Etsy team, we’re both members and it’s a really supportive, friendly group.  Sometimes I send the team an email when we have a small biz or other giveaway/posts that I think are helpful and Roseann entered our Aeolidia small business giveaway and won! With the help of Aimee Ray & our friends at Aeolidia, she took the opportunity to rebranded her business into the cute look shown off in this post.   Then 6 months later she entered Grace Kang’s Retail Recipes giveaway & random.org chose her again. But beneath the surface something much larger then that was shifting for Roseann, I asked if she would share her journey here & she bravely opened up her heart to us. She also completes the giving circle by offering a giveaway package of a little bit of everything in her shop for one mama to have some crafty time out, learn needle-felting and make their own cute little thing. Who knows what will happen if you win?

cute little thing, aeolidia, aimee ray, handmade rebranding, motherhood and small business

Random.org just loves you Roseann! I am excited to share your beautiful story & experience with our readers. Can you tell us a bit about your business & how winning our two giveaways has changed things for you?

cute little thing is turning out to be a story of how “the road rises up to meet you, “ which is indeed a beautiful thing! amazingly, winning two OMHG give-aways, transformed a mere thought into a full blown “let’s do it!”

cute little thing began as a hobby, a bit of respite from mothering + home schooling my special needs daughter. while getting crafty, i was discovering the most wonderfully inspiring natural materials (that were safe for my daughter too!) + regional sheep farms that supported my values of keeping it local + kind. i felt so honored to “cast my vote” by buying from these sources but my little hobby biz didn’t make much of a statement. the question came to mind of how can i support these small farms + kind practices in a bigger way? just like they say “life is what happens when you’re making other plans.” this is so true! my high school sweetheart + husband of 15 years, left me. instantaneously i was in full personality crisis mode, fear + uncertainty settled in. how I was going to raise my daughter alone? and the biggie…if I am not a wife…just “who am I?” as it turns out there is no better way to answer this question than start a business!!!

winning the OMHG aeolidia giveaway was like a reassuring mother whispering in my ear “when one door closes, a window is opened!”. this “lucky break” was propelling me forward toward life + the future just when I wanted to climb in bed + pull the covers over my head. it was the realization that there would be other dreams, great dreams!

then to win another OMGH giveaway, this time a critique-my line consultation by retail recipes, …it was an affirmation that made me LOL! like a loving friend cheering me on telling me you are on the right path, you can do it! this is what you are here for. I know it sounds silly but these “so-called” little things were evidence of life’s goodness, even in really yucky times. each inspiring me to find myself, create a business that reflects me, one that really cares, makes a difference + pays it forward.

cute little thing has quickly evolved from a stay-at-home mom’s sanity check to this wonderful reflection of a life fully realized. it is me in the form of a product + service. i combined my passion for designing, love of all things cute + my education, with my devotion to conscious living + the knowledge that making something yourself is about as good as it gets! and waa-lah! cute d.i.y. kits for the conscious crafter. a cute + convenient way to have all-you-need to: craft cute. create consciously.

cute little thing, aeolidia, aimee ray, handmade rebranding, motherhood and small business

After winning the Aeolidia small business giveaway you dove right in and decided to rebrand your entire business! Tell us about that experience & what you learned during your rebranding.

the give-away was truly a window opening, i felt that immediately + jumped through with both feet. nothing like a bit of fear + humiliation (in my personal life) to inspire courage. (seriously…what did I have to lose?)

instead of being the distraction i anticipated, it was more like holding up a magnifying glass. the personal soul searching was not for sissies. i had to create my entire business plan on the fly, ask myself the hard questions of who i was, what my business was all about. asking why cute little thing was something of value was the same as asking why was I something of value?…very deep! slowly + painstakingly i emerged more whole, stronger, more confident with a vision for cute little thing + my new life.

aimee ray was absolutely the right designer to help me brand cute little thing. i am such a fan of her work + our aesthetics blended perfectly. our collaboration re-ignited my passion for designing. i remembered how much I love that whole process of taking an idea + birthing it, to me that is really just what I was made for. the entire process reconnected me with myself.

cute little thing, aeolidia, aimee ray, handmade rebranding, motherhood and small business

Our theme this month is Celebrating Mamahood-what are the struggles you face in balancing parenting & business? Do you have any tips to share with our readers?

tips? oh no. i am a complete disaster in this area. i am hoping your readers + other creative entrepreneurs will have some advice for me. a reader of your blog left a comment a few weeks ago with great mothering advice “don’t worry, it’s just a phase”…i like that! it is all just a phase, no matter what state of life, it is only like that now! to everything, a season, right? so, right now i do the best i can in this phase, one of growing + changing. my drive for propelling my business forward needs to acquiesce at times to my true vocation + calling as a mother. i don’t think you can have it all. i don’t want it all. in the end it’s all about teaching my daughter to be herself, follow her dreams, share her gifts + love with all her heart!

cute little thing, aeolidia, aimee ray, handmade rebranding, motherhood and small business

How has motherhood influenced your work & what/how you create?

oh my! motherhood is fertile ground for igniting inventiveness + imagination. the gift of our feminine nature/motherhood is creativity itself…how cool is that? ever since my daughter was born the ideas keep coming, from the “million dollar invention” to make mommy life easier to a new way to teach a math concept she just isn’t getting.

after my daughter was diagnosed with autism + environmental illness, i found that using the best natural materials, closest to their natural state, not only prevented behavioral reactions but actually helped her. materials like wool seemed to “ground” her the same way playing outdoors did. the busyness of motherhood inspired me to learn the how to needle felt. sewing a quilt or knitting a sweater were out, i needed to craft + complete something in the ever-dwindling naptime, or the length of a tv show. with needle felting not only could i complete a project in about an hour, all my love felted right in, + it was a cute little thing that made my daughter smile.

What does the next year hold for you & cute little thing & where can we find your lovelies?

it will be a year of all sorts of new goodness + adventure. my daughter + i have just relocated to ny, my home state. we will be finding + settling into our home in the country where we can be close to nature, breathe in fresh air + live the simple life. we will lie on soft grass + discover new cloud shapes, collect rocks, jump in puddles + watch butterflies.

cute little thing, has an exciting year ahead. i will be expanding my line of needle felting kits including more super cute critters, connect with retailers + build a website. scouting out the upstate ny country side for local fiber farms + hit the craft show scene. i’ll be sharing the “rest of the story” on my brand new blog + finally embrace twitter. I am most excited about creating + growing opportunities for my customers to connect with their friends by crafting together + to join in community with other crafty folk + fans of cute.

in the spirit of crafty togetherness, join cute little thing on facebook ~ where it’s “show + tell!” we promise to ooooo + ahhhhh over your cute little thing! ravelry your cup of tea? we’re there too. Join “cute little thing jab + gab” group.

thank you soooo much jessika, because of you + the generosity of others i’m now living my story with me as the lead character.

Editor: Thank you Roseann!!! I can’t read this without crying and wanting to dance at the same time. Life is filled with beauty and mystery, forces that connect us to change lives, apparently at random. But I think randomness, luck, chance, opportunity, success are what we make of them. Whether we take the risk and walk through the open door to the arms that wait on the other side. Hooray for Roseann and for the creative journey she is on with her daughter. I know she’s in good company and I’m pretty confident the handmade community is the best place to find your feet. The road might be rocky and uphill (both ways!) but there is always a light of some kind.

Now for the giveaway!

Roseann is giving away a “craft sanity” package valued at $70, it includes one each of her 3 needle felting kits, a large toads-‘tool’ needle felting tool + a set of 38 triangle felting needles.

All the kits come with complete instructions on how to make your own cute little thing.

How to Enter: (This giveaway is open internationally)

Of course you can’t enter a giveaway after a story like that without leaving a comment about the interview & Roseann’s story!

Visit cute little thing on Etsy and let us know what you love about her shop & brand.

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  1. Connie says:

    Wow! That is an incredible story. Props on her strength and courage! Her newly branded shop is simply darling! I love everything about it & the kits are perfect for a newbie to needle felting like me! They’d make great gifts too! My fave is the bunny.

  2. Viv Smith says:

    I love how the branding is cute and also captures nature in digital illustration. The tag line – craft Cute. Create consciously. – is a perfect summary of what it’s all about 🙂

  3. Isa says:

    This story was so beautiful it took me a little bit to compose myself to write a comment. Thank you so much for sharing. I was so excited when I saw it was an international giveaway but then I decided not to enter. I had a great month with my business so I’ll leave it for someone else to win. Instead I’m off to buy a little hedgehog kit + bunny kit. “All your love felted right in” is such a beautiful way to put it and hope I can do the same with my attempt at needle felting!
    I’m off to follow you on Twitter, Facebook etc and to buy my kits!

  4. Germandolls says:

    Kudos, to you Roseann! I have been a witness to your transformation – sort of – cheering you from the sidelines with the NaturalKids team on Etsy. I hope your business takes off and gives you wings to fly whereever you want to go with it! xo ulla

  5. roseanne says:

    lovely story, lovely products and branding. I loved your products before the makeover but now they just look incredible…… maybe one day i will be brave enough to do the same and finally launch my art work and creations.

  6. Simone says:

    Have listed her shop to my Etsy faves.
    Also, liked on FB.

    And… congrats to Roseann on taking a big step into a wonderful future for her family. I am personally inspired 🙂 and love her projects!!! In fact, I am going to see if I just can’t tap in to this creativity……

  7. awwww! thanks guys…seriously if it were not for the encouragement of dear friends, i couldn’t have made it through ~ my experience taught me a great deal about supporting what we want more of in this world ~

  8. Virginia says:

    Roseann what an amazing story of love and courage! I love our cute little brown bunnies and the natural sweetness felting tools. I love how you use natural materials and support people in the community that you live. Well done!

  9. tiffany says:

    oh my word… i don’t think the cute little DIY kits could get any cuter if they tried! and the hand painted strawberry tool is precious! Roseann, your story is beautiful in its honesty and bravery, and your heart shines through in each word. thank you for sharing, and for you oh-so-generous giveaway!

  10. Kerrie says:

    Oh my goodness, that bunny is the cutest, I love him!! I’ve been wanting to learn to do felted pets for a while, even more so now as I’ve just started making Waldorf dolls and they’d be perfect little companions for them.
    Rosanne’s optimism and spirit are so admirable, wishing her so much happiness and success in the future! *heart*

  11. Cyndy says:

    Your shop is darling. It represents your can do attitude by enabling your customers to do it themselves. You give them the confidence and means to create their own cute thing. I applaud your commitment to your beautiful daughter.

  12. I am dying for the little owl. He is so precious and we just found out we are going to adopt our first child. I am going to her room in potterybarn and it has owls in it. I am SO excited!

  13. Cinnamon says:

    What an inspiring story! I have been toying with the idea of having my own business for 2 years now, but something is holding me back. Not sure what, but a story like this makes it seem more possible than ever.

  14. After reading this interview, my heart is positively bursting with inspiration on several different levels…I don’t even know where to begin to comment, so let’s just leave it at that : )

    Yet again, *another* wonderful post.

    I surely do love this blog!!

  15. Stephnie Douglas says:

    …and maybe this is how revolutionary positive change will take root, through intentionality, genuine support, joy and caring for and about each other simply because we are.

  16. Tracey says:

    Oh for the love of fleece and needles, what a lovely story and hello cute little things are seriously cute little things! Congrats Roseann and much love and light on your journey with your daughter, amazing what the world will show you when your heart and eyes are wide open 🙂

  17. Donna B. says:

    What a strong woman and such an inspiration. You have a very happy looking site, that is wonderful to bring that to a person.

  18. Renee Alam says:

    I love the packaging with the cute pic of your completed cute little thing. I find the animals to be quite cute and if we won,I’d let my daughter have a go at it & we’d definitely say aww after it was done….they are soo cute!I hope we can win one.

    Our homeschool letter project:

  19. Diana K says:

    Thank you for sharing her story! What an inspiration. Love, love, love the little owl. The kits are wonderful.
    Glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work.

    Diana in SD

  20. Michelle says:

    I love the kit! And I LOVE Etsy, and defend it’s artists all the time. I think buying directly from the artist is as it SHOULD be and I say that with no contest in mind. There is so much creativity, regardless of how much is being nixed from school art programs and the like. Her products are wonderful and definitely put in my favorites…. Always support your local artists!

  21. Laurin says:

    I think her brand totally captures the essence of her shop! I’ve never tried needle felting before, but I would love to try it with the bunny kit. 🙂

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