A New York state of mind…

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Sometimes you need a little inspiration.

A change of scenery, a much-needed break from routine, and a city full of energy seemed to do just the trick.

Hello Brooklyn!

Lucky me, to have a friend who graciously invited me and a couple of friends, to enjoy a little getaway.

I had a list of places to visit in New York City and I loved every crazy minute of it. It’s a stunning city. So full of energy, it’s contagious. But what I was really curious about was Brooklyn and … The Brooklyn Flea. Have you heard of it? If you love vintage and antiques, handmade loveliness and yummy food than you will love The Brooklyn Flea.

We visited the Sunday market in Williamsburg. It’s a nice sized market located on the East River Waterfront on Williamsburg. With the Brooklyn bridge in the distance and the Manhattan skyline in the background it makes for a pretty impressive atmosphere.

I would have loved to buy up this lot of vintage soda crates. They were a deal! I have one at home that I use for everything from serving drinks to displaying product at shows.

Look at those vintage printers blocks! I love using these to embellish packaging and to make displays at shows. Incorporating vintage storage pieces into product displays is a great way to add visual interest. I find it adds warmth and familiarity to a display that people can connect with.

It was inspiring to visit a city so full of strength and optimism, architectural beauty, old and new, and infectious creativity.

Thank you New York for recharging my batteries in a crazy, exhausting but inspiring kind of way.


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