{Free Download} Living the Good Life

ethics printable, living the good life, ethical living, free downloadby Jessika Hepburn, Editor

I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics this month for our theme & getting really inspired by the comments on my recent posts about copycats & giveaways. Today’s post goes a bit beyond our Business & Blogging Ethics theme and into ethics in general. Is it enough to consider just ethics in business or our online lives without thinking about what it means to live a good life. So in order to help clear my mind I made up this free download that pinpoints the core elements of my ethics- rainbow style (& yes in my world magenta is totally in the rainbow). This is what I want for my life and is what I hold myself accountable to. In business, in love, friendship and community-this is my ethical foundation. What is yours?

With all the devastating news from Japan and Christchurch, NZ plus so much other craziness & confusion in our world, I think it has never been more important to talk about our ethics. When everything can change in an instant isn’t it vital that we live each day striving to be the very best version of ourselves? I hope that in times of crisis when all is in chaos we can be guided by our decency, integrity and kindness- because it is ours and can never be taken away. Whether the earth shakes or nations clash we are defined by how we treat each other. Let’s make it a loving world, filled with compassion and respect for each other.

In the coming weeks I will share info about ways we can put our ethics into action and support some of the great initiatives being created to help the people of Japan. In the meantime I encourage you to visit our contributor Jacqui of Mee A Bee’s blog Blooming in Nihon and find out about the Japan Quake Appeal. Also the lovely Maddie of Li’l Magoolie is doing an amazing job of bringing the handmade community to support Christchurch with the Li’l Quake Appeal. To me this is the good life in action-yes, sometimes things are hard, but we can make them better.

I want to know what you think a good life looks like, what is your moral compass or the words you live your life by?

{You can download my Living the Good Life print here}

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