Handmade Finds: The Doily-Not Just For Valentines Day!

by Heather Mattos of Cookie Mondays

Yes, Heart Day is fast approaching, but this Etsy collection proves that the lovely lace doily should be enjoyed year-round. These are not you’re Grandma’s doilies!

cookie mondays, keep it simple doily art, doily home decor

1. Doily Wall Art by Three Red Apples

cookie mondays, doily home decor, doily pillows

2.LinkVintage Linen Pillows by The Eccentric Lady

cookie mondays, doily home decor, handmade doily

3.Recycled Lace Bunting by Bayou Salvage

4.Gracie Bag by kimmykingsbury

5. Tattered Headwrap by Creole Sha

6. Flutter Sleeve Doily Top by Three Little Birds Boutique

cookie mondays, doily earrings, doily stationery design

7. The Doily Earring by reskew’d

8. Doily Stationary Set by Silhouette Blue

Have you seen other examples of lace doilies being used creatively? Please share in the comments below!


  1. Of course, I’m gaga over Dottie’s anything! I have to mention that we sell the most cutest adorable Spring-y doily clocks by And Furthermore. They’re perfect for little kids rooms and big kid rooms, too.

  2. I am just starting to play around with doilies myself. They are very inexpensive at the op shops here in NZ, and are beautiful, really. Like stars or snowflakes. But I want to be creative and repurpose them. Don’t want to be too “little old lady,” much as we love little old ladies!

    Thanks for the inspiration above, I’ll be in touch if I can come up with anything else interesting.

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