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handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources{image credit: above & below via flickr-jsrice00}

by Michelle Vackar of Hi Mamma

One of the great things about handmade in Indiana is the variety of artwork that is available. Handmade tastes can range from traditional to modern, pottery to lotion and clothing to glassware. It is the beauty of what makes handmade so unique and fun to enjoy.

Many areas across the state of Indiana have established handmade communities for networking, community classes, and consignment opportunities in local storefronts. In the community that I live in, Carmel, Indiana, the city government has classified the downtown as an Art & Design District. By that there are storefronts that are dedicated art galleries, jewelry designers, consignment stores, antique treasures that are handmade, and music lessons/opportunities.  During the summer months, the Art & Design District sponsors art festivals/shows and weekend music concerts following a theme. For example, last summer the theme was jazz and every Sunday afternoon, a different jazz band came to the district to play for the community. The community brought their patio chairs and sat in the grass to listen to the music. It was a great time for families because all ages enjoyed the music.

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resourcesOur local library also offers opportunities for community artists to feature their artwork, sculptures, etc., in the foyer of the library. The dedicated area is available for an artist on a monthly basis.  The selected artist can feature his/her works of art and allow the pieces to be for sale. I know that my children have spent much time looking at the various paintings, watercolors, drawings, and photography. We often discuss what they see and it is interesting to see how they interpret the works of art.

Below are a few items that are handmade in Indiana!

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources

Original Poppy Painting Landscape Floral Flower by Alice Harpel

Art by Alice features only original art of florals, landscapes, and timeless paintings of children. The size ranges from miniature ACEO paintings to large 24 x 30 inch paintings. Alice loves to paint and play with color. When you view her artwork, you will find the paintings have very vibrant, intense colors.
handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources

Three Generations Family Tree Birthstone Necklace for Grandmother by Spice of Life Designs
Spice of Life Designs offers handcrafted jewelry with organic flair featuring recycled low-tarnish Argentium sterling silver and genuine gemstones.

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources
Pretty Whirl by Messicakes
Very modern and bright artwork that comes in a rainbow of colors.

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources
Lily 10 by Claudia Lord
Claudia Lord transforms each photograph by experimenting with a variety of techniques and effects, eventually causing a unique design to surface. Since each photo reacts differently to these manipulations, it’s always exciting to see the final creation emerge!

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources
Stained Glass Bitty Birdie Brooch in Dark Green by Glasserie
The Glasserie, where almost everything is made with a touch of glass, includes stained glass picture frames, ornaments, jewelry and accessories made with glass beads.

handmade in indiana, carmel indiana art district, handmade resources
Wooden Hedgehog Push Toy by Imagination Kids
Imagination Kids specializes in simple, open-ended toys that are eco-friendly and safe for little ones.

Imagination Kids, a handcrafted natural wooden toy company located in Greenwood, Indiana shared the following about buying handmade:
“I love buying handmade. For me buying handmade has a personal connection of knowing that the items I’m purchasing are helping support an artist or crafter. It is nice to know when I’m buying myself a beautiful pair of earrings from an artist that not only am I going to get a quality product but that I’m helping to support someone who loves their craft.” Erin, owner of Imagination Kids continued, “I have also found that since handmade products are not mass produced there is a certain attention to detail that just isn’t found in factory made objects. This attention to detail seemingly makes for a product that is going to last longer than an inexpensive trinket that were made by the millions. Yes, handmade might cost a bit more than a similar item at your local big box store. However, when you figure that the person who crafted this object made a living wage and that it most likely will last 5 times longer than its big box counterpart it is a great investment.”

We would love to hear some of the reasons you buy handmade, please share your thoughts  in the comments below!


  1. Stephanie Douglas says:

    Nice – for some reason I wouldn’t have thought Indiana = crafts. Love the three generations of birthstone necklace which looks like a tree. What a great idea. I want one!

  2. Glasserie says:

    Some wonderful finds from the Hoosier state! There are lots of talented artisans here. Thanks for featuring The Glasserie! I have enjoyed making and selling my handmade goods, and it has given me a much greater appreciation for buying handmade, too! I love to support local (and non-local) artists. I just feels right.

  3. Tina says:

    Wanting to know if anyone would be interested i n selling their craft at our Shop Till You Drop Bazaar on Oct.27th from 10-5 located at our church in Carmel IN Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. rental table is $35 the rest is your profit! Love to have you all! Tina

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