Happy Halloween Handmakers!

happy halloween, creative pumpkin carving, calaveras pumpkin

I hope you are you are having a horribly wonderful Halloween full of handmade adventures and of course, treats! We’ve had a very busy day and night here in Halifax-lots of parties and knock-knocking on our neighbours doors. I can never pass up an opportunity to get all dressed up so Halloween is always one of my favourite nights of the year. This time I was inspired to dress the familia as calaveras (or sugar) skulls because I am missing a much loved Vancouver event, the Parade of Lost Souls, and it reminds me of home. Here we are all dolled up and ready to party + the pumpkin that started it all:

halloween calaveras facepaint, handmade halloween


No one in our corner of the globe knew what we were (although we got lots of compliments!) but we sure had fun. Sorry for the not great pictures…there is never as much time as I think there is.

Wherever, however or whatever you are celebrating tonight have a blast and be sure to tell me all about it in the comments! I want to know what you all dressed up as and please share your links in the comments if you have written about any of your Halloween handmade.

I shared this last year, but thought I would revisit it-a colouring page for all your little ghosties and ghoulies. Just click the picture below to download your printable:











  1. Too cool with the skulls! Down here in Florida with our large Hispanic population it wouldn’t seem so out of place…the local Mexican restaurant did a whole El Dia de Los Muertos festival this weekend!

    And that printable is too cute for words!

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