Home Decor: Getting Organized With Tidy Books

tidybooks, storage solutions for children, innovative childrens products

by Jessika Hepburn of O Happy Day Handmade

I love books. I collect them like some people collect objects, clothes or pretty things. Long before I ever had babies I had a thing for illustrated children’s books by people like Maurice Sendak, Eric Carle and Lewis Carrol-I may or may not have 6 copies of Alice and Wonderland. I am also guilty of buying books just because I love the cover art or design. I show off my collection by regularly changing my coffee table/bookshelf displays depending on my mood or the season. But my kids books are a totally different story. I hate trying to organize the slippery paperbacks or finding a place for all the oddly shaped board books-and then either way the beautiful covers are hidden. So when Geraldine Grandidier, creator of Tidy Books contacted me about reviewing her innovative Tidy Books bookcase, I jumped all over it then waited impatiently for the package to arrive!

Then it was:

tidybooks, storage solutions for children, innovative childrens products

Both of my girls love books but it is actually the littlest one, Sela Dae (20 months), who is crazy about them like me. When Ila was her age she destroyed a good number of books (including some library books!) but this one will grab a pile and sit there reading quietly, gently turning the pages. She also loves to get books and bring them to you with a command of “up! book! up!”. I promise the above picture is not staged, she actually grabbed a book and sat down on the box before we had even got it open, then pointed at every letter saying “see! see!”.

So Sela thinks her new bookcase is a winner and as for my review, really doesn’t this picture say everything? :

tidybooks, storage solutions for children, innovative childrens productsA pretty amazing transformation!

The best part is now the girls can easily take out and put away their own books, saving our books from looking like that embarrassing before picture. Sela is smart but there is no way she can shelve a skinny paperback in a regular bookshelf. This bookcase saves me time that I can then spend doing things like reading all those neglected books to my very happy bibliophile baby.

Our whole family highly recommends the Tidy Books bookcase as the perfect storage solution for children’s books and as a time saver for busy parents.  It was easy to set up, well made, looks great and shows off all our wonderful books. If you want to know more about the story behind how Tidy Books went from being a small handmade company to an award winning retailer  visit last month’s OMHG interview with owner/designer Geraldine Grandidier.

To celebrate their US launch Tidy Books is offering US customers 20% off everything for a limited time!

Visit their website for details and follow @TidyBooks on Twitter for news on promotions and new products.

Anything that makes my daughter this happy deserves a standing ovation and a stellar review:

tidybooks, storage solutions for children, innovative childrens products


  1. Sara says:

    I’ve had a love affair with books my entire life. When my boys were little – they did too. This would have been an awesome addition to their rooms! Love it!

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