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*emera bags, camera bags with modern style, stylish camera bags

I don’t usually accept products for review anymore (unless I am fairly positive you will love it) but when Nathiya of *emera bags wrote to see if I would review one of her design savvy camera bags I said yes without hesitation. I am guessing you all have cameras and, like me, have been frustrated by the bags available to schlep them around. The options on the market either look like camera bags or are a major investment, Nathiya is changing this with her line of well priced camera bags that are functional, well made and oh so stylish.

I chose to review the *emera circle print messenger bag and am so glad I did! It arrived the week Chara and I filmed our short video for Heartweed magazine and has come in so handy ever since. The water-resistant canvas material is perfect for my busy life full of kids + pets + assorted messes. Big enough to fit my camera, manual, cords along with my iPhone and ever present notebook there is room left for my wallet and associated stuff (my purse is always home to many pens, books and found objects). I love it’s versatility and have been using it when the girls and I go out walking or if I am taking photos on the go or for business like filming the video. In short, I love my new bag and not just because Nathiya sent it to me!

For more info on the bags watch this short video demonstrating them in action then head on over to the *emera website to get one for yourself.

*emera bags, camera bags with modern style, stylish camera bags

Since I always want to get to know the creative mind behind the business I invited Nathiya to answer some questions. An incredibly multi-talented artist she is also the co-creator of the beautiful Pineapple Seed jewelry line and an amazing photographer too!

Hi Nathiya, thanks for visiting Oh My! and sharing the story of your business. Please tell us a bit about *emera and how you came to start designing camera bags.

In 2007 I purchased my first DSLR. At first I was taking photos for my jewelry line Pineapple Seed. But then it became more, I wanted to carry my camera with me everywhere and take pictures of my daily life. At the time I couldn’t find a camera bag that I liked which is a simple camera bag that blended in with my style. Most importantly I didn’t want to look like I was stashing a camera. So I designed a few for myself and friends. They were a hit and we launched *emera in 2009.

You started out running a jewelry business but have since switched gears-how have your creative dreams changed along the way?

It hasn’t really changed much. I’m always striving to become more consistent creatively. Whether it’s jewelry, bags or photography.

pineapple seeds, nathiya and soraj prathnadi, *emera bags

What makes the *emera camera bag different from other bags on the market?

I wanted to design a bag that women can wear daily. That can be dressed up or down, for work or an evening out. I didn’t want it to be too feminine either as I wanted to keep versatile.

What are your future plans for *emera?

We are working on new bags for next year. New colors and maybe an exciting new shape!

Stay in touch and learn more about *emera and Nathiya by checking out the beautiful Pineapple Seed blog (it is filled with stunning pictures captured by Nathiya and her husband Soraj). You can also connect by visiting *emera’s:

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