Take Note, Make a Holiday Me-Mo Book

The hectic holidays are here again, but they’ll be gone just as quickly as they arrived. Along with the memories of this magical time of year unless you take time to take note.

Which is why I created this set of *FREE* printable, Holiday Me-Mo cards! (MEmories + MOments/MOmentos = Me-Mo cards!) Measuring 4″ x 6″ (hey, isn’t that the same size as all the holiday photos you’re actually going to print this year rather than just upload and forget about on your computer?!), these cards plus your photos create a simple and meaningful holiday keepsake. And because of their small size, they’ll be fast and easy to complete throughout the season!

The cards print in black and white to allow for coloring and decorating by you and your family. Pick up some card stock at the office supply or craft store and design a book for yourself. Better yet, make one together as a family, or print a set for each child and let them create a book that reflects what they each find so magical about this time of year (besides that visit from Santa at the end of the month!)

For ideas on how to bound and display your Me-Mo cards as a Holiday Me-Mo Book, head over to Three By Sea.

Click here to download your Me-Mo book cards

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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