Handmade Here: Go Local with Oh My!

these are things world map, modern world map, local handmade, handmade here {world map from these are things & handmade in Ohio}

by Jessika Hepburn, Editor

It’s a new month and time for a new theme!  Last month our contributors & I shared a little about what inspires us to create. This month we will be exploring handmade in our towns, cities and countries. We come from far and wide so it will be fun to learn a little about where some of us come from & get to be handmade tourists in our own backyards. I will be gearing up for winter (it’s supposed to SNOW this week) and heading out to interview the owner of a local handmade store; Love, Me Boutique and to photograph our amazing Halifax Farmer’s Market. I will also be sharing the talent of some Canadian crafters.

Want to play along and be handmade tourists too?

Going with the theme of Handmade Here (as in Handmade Here:Halifax or Handmade Here:Japan etc.) write a blog post, interview someone local, make an Etsy treasury, create a board on Pinterest, share photos on Flickr-whatever really!  Then share your local handmade goodness with me by commenting below or on Twitter using the hashtag #handmadehere. I would love the chance to “visit” your towns! If there is an artist/store/handmade resource in your town I should know about now is the time to clue me in.  I’ll round up all your handmade links and share them at the end of the month so we can all visit each other, no matter where we might be.

Let the fun begin!


  1. Stephanie Douglas says:

    I am really looking forward to this exciting theme and can’t wait to see what Handmade Halifax has to offer as well as other places around the world. Great idea and what a fun way to share and learn about other communities.

  2. oh, fun! i love this kind of post, as it’s not only fun to highlight some faves from your town that other locals may not know about, but it really makes you appreciate your city in a fresh light!
    i used to do a repeat feature on my blog called ‘local focus’. it’s been ages since i’ve done one, and now i’m feeling inspired to get in there again. thanks jessika! looking forward to reading what you share from halifax.

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