#OMHG October 6 – creativity and how to challenge it

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{washi gift wrap by Marisa of Omiyage inspired by our #omhg chat!}

Happy October!  I am so excited about this month’s theme: “Challenge Your Creativity“!  It was so inspiring to read the many ways  our chat participants challenge their creativity… from long walks to brushing teeth – creative ideas can come at any time!  Don’t forget to check out the full transcript for some creative/inspirational ideas.

#OMHG Highlights:

“My creativity has been gaining inspiration from my morning walks lately.”  laalicia

“@ClareYuille Which reminds me-cooking always gets me in a creative mood-love taking simple ingredients & making them beautiful” ohmyhandmade

“Im most inspired when I m out and about, the people, art, all things colorful” ncrew

“I’m also very inspired by patterns and colors. I guess rhythm in general focuses my creative vibe.”  studioroseflash

“I also love taking my camera out for a walk to find inspiration…I have so many ideas for projects just from photos i’ve taken!” threebythesea

“i take inspiration alot on my day to day living. funny -isms from my husband/kids/colleagues, blogs I read, color schemes I see” gracehester

“I’m often inspired by other people. People who are fulfilling their potential and breaking down barriers to reach their dreams!” suzibuchan

“i have most creative ideas late @ night when house is asleep, keep a notebook on night table so I can get it all out :)” paperparade

“I also find inspiration in vintage craft books. Taking a new modern twist on an old craft.” myCHILDish

“Just pulling out a few items to start with & leaving the expectations of perfection at the door inspires me to create”  ScrappingDaily

You can read the preview above & the whole transcript here:

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