2012: An OMHG Wishlist

“Wish” – Something Monumental

With a new year brings (hopefully) a new zest for life … and business!

This year, we vow, we will live bigger, shine brighter, make more, spend less, reinvent, redesign.

But, of course, that’s a lot to ask of ourselves. So in 2012, why not reach out for help when you need it? There are so many resources out there for small businesses – so many it can be pretty overwhelming to sift through it all and find exactly what you need to know.

Oh My! Handmade Goodness has grown into a wonderful resource for creative entrepreneurs – full of inspiration, useful tips, and support. Jessika, the contributors, and readers are bursting with practical know-how.

Personally, I’d love to tap into that knowledge base with a few requests. Here’s a few things I’d love to see on OMHG in 2012:

1. Marketing – Building a Press Kit

A huge part of growing your business is getting your name and products out there. This can be pretty daunting, and I will admit that 2011 was not my strongest year in this regard!

To help improve my marketing plan in 2012, I would love to see some practical posts on putting together Press Kits – both how to craft a digital press kit to send to digital publications AND how to put together an amazing attention-grabbing hard copy kit to send to magazines and newspapers. Having an online business and being involved in the online/blog community, it can be easy to forget that there are so many people out there who don’t source products on Pinterest, don’t make a habit of browsing Etsy, and don’t read online magazines. I want to reach those customers this year and I would love some help!

2.  Photography – Using a Light Box

One of my goals for 2012 is to improve my product photography by investing in or building a light box. I rely a lot on natural light for my product photos and, especially in the winter, this can be really challenging. I often set a photography date or deadline for myself only to be derailed by grey or rainy days.

I would love to see a post on building your own light box / lighting set up, advice on what to look for when building a small home photography set up and tips on how to successfully take photos using the equipment. Actually, a whole series on product photography, lighting, photo styling, etc, etc, would be awesome!

3. Networking – Sharing Knowledge

One of my daily reads, Yes and Yes, a blog full of inspiration, travel and amazing true stories, runs a monthly piece called “Network of Nice”. Essentially, readers write in asking for help/advice or offering help with something they are an expert on. From finding friends in new cities, to learning about following a career path – it’s an exchange of knowledge and a way to connect.

I think it would be amazing to have an OMHG Knowledge Swap. You want to know where to buy a custom stamp for your business or how to simplify your shipping process or what the best accounting software is. Chances are your fellow OMHG’ers have the answer to that! Not sure how this one would work – as a monthly post or a twitter hashtag or…? But it sure would be a help!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

So, we’d love to know, what would YOU like to see on OMHG this year? Any specific topics you wish we would cover this year to help you and your business? Tell us in the comments.

Hey! I Know How To Do That!

Are you an expert at building light boxes? Have a great tip for maintaining work-life balance? Want to share your favourite artisan with the world? Tell us about it!

If you have knowledge you’d love to share with the OMHG community, contact Jessika with your Guest Post pitch.

Happy 2012! Let’s make it a great one!

Special thanks to Mandy Crandell of Something Monumental for use of her photo!


  1. how cool. first, thanks for sharing the link to Yes and Yes and really made me smile learning about the Network of Nice. SUHWEET. i’d love to hear about how successful super crafters manage their time, how they “make it work” somehow someway. being a new mom with so many great ideas can be frustrating when there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. :/

  2. I’m the social media editor at a newspaper and I can tell you all you need is a digital press kit that is easy to find on your website. We rarely receive physical press kits anymore and when we do, they’re often just clutter on our desks.

    Digital press kits with high quality, downloadable, hires photos will make editors everywhere happy and will give you a better chance at getting press.

    I’d be happy to put together a post on what editors and reporters actually look for in a press kit and how to get their attention.

  3. Perhaps, for those of us with a newly opened Etsy shop, some form of Etsy shop critique? Constructive criticism by those who have had their shops open for a long time? Maybe there are some more experienced omhg members out there who would be willing to look at a few shops?
    Or develop some form of mentorship program. Like a fairy godmother watching over us. I believe Jessika is already doing this for the new biz winner. It would be great if this could be expanded for those members who need it (monthly might be hard for the fairy godmothers as they are all busy themselves prinkling fairy dust around, but an occasional check up would be nice).
    Or teaming up with a motivational buddy? Gosh, sleep deprivation is really making me throw the wildest ideas out here 🙂

  4. Rose says:

    I would love to see a great press kit post!

    You can see a couple photos of my light box set up on my blog.

    I have written a number of articles about product photography on HubPages.

    I would be happy to put together a post or series of posts about light boxes and/or product photography for OMHG.

  5. After half a night of sleep I have yet another idea:
    Poll posts where questions could be asked like “how long have you been in business”, “what is your bussiness about”, “how many sales have you had this year”, “how much have you earned this year”, “how much do you charge for hourly wages” etc.
    Whereas not everybody feels like commenting on a post, polls have the advantage of being easy, quick and anonymous as it only requires a simple click onto one of the possible answers. I believe they might provide some valuable information for and about the omhg community.

  6. I’m all for hearing more about press kits. I am currently focussing really hard on this side of my business, rather than just make, make, make which I was ‘guilty’ of last year. So easy to get lost in the producing that you can lose sight of the marketing.

    I’ve done lots of searching on the internet and found a few useful links about writing press releases I’d be happy to share but I’m still at a bit of a loss of how to really get an editors attention. Would love an article from stephanie that left a reply, sounds like she would be just the person to share her knowledge.

    Keep up the fab work here 🙂 Thanks for all you do. Catherine x

  7. I would also love some advice on how licensing works. I have had some queries about licensing my illustrations, for instance for a wallpaper company. I am sure there are many other artists that could benefit from this kind of info and guidance or that already have some experience. Thanks, catherine.

  8. Mireille says:

    Press kit idea is great. Had not even thought about doing that for my business. Will look out for those posts. @Stephanie: your thought would be much appreciated!

    @rocajo studio: Also love the Etsy shop critique idea. I am have a newly opened shop and surely could benefit from advice.

    I would love to read more about how people are managing working full-time (or part-time), raising a family and running a small business on the side. And about people who took the leap and now work full-time on their own business!

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Lupin says:

    The press kit post would be super useful!

    I adore the idea of knowledge sharing… perhaps you could post an article about a topic people have asked for advice on and/or an area someone has expertise they’d like to share with everyone…. and then encourage people to share their tips and links to useful resources like online how-tos, guides, suppliers etc in the comments for that post? If you ran it as a series with a page somewhere on the site with links to all the posts, it could become an amazing resource 🙂

    I would love to see a series of features with makers / artists sharing challenges they’ve faced & overcome (or are still trying to overcome!), and things they find difficult in their business.

    Also posts that could work a bit like the (always awesome) Twitter chats would be ace, eg based around one focused question where everyone can leave a comment sharing their response 🙂

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