Celebrate Yourself – The Awesome Kit

I have to be honest, this month’s theme completely stumped me when it came time for me to sit down and write my article. When I think of celebration, I think of party which leads me to think of cupcakes and decorations. I didn’t want to design paper goods since I am sure that will be done by some of our other fabulous contributors (and what beautiful job they will do). So I decided to focus on celebrating myself…or rather yourself instead!

Working solo can sometimes make you feel like you are in a bubble, especially if you do it from home. With all of the day to day crazy, sometimes we can get down on ourselves without even meaning to. You may start to feel blah, burnt out or just not as good as the next person. It is so important to have something that can inspire and recharge your batteries during these times of self doubt. That is where my idea for THE AWESOME KIT came from.


I designed this cool little kit to help you find and celebrate all of your awesome in times when you may feel like there isn’t any to be found. Included in each nifty PDF is:

You can download the kit here and start celebrating your awesome right now!


  1. It happens to us all, all the time, it’s easy to like you said feel “blah” when you’re in the same rotation daily! Great post and inspiration Lisa.

    Every now and then I have to re-heat my awesomesauce Jenelle. 🙂

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