Free Photo Editing Apps to Replace

The day Picnik announced it was closing as a stand-alone site and would be integrated into Google+ as their photo editing tool was disheartening for some. Bloggers not already utilizing this new social media juggernaut had the same knee-jerk reaction: “What free photo editing app am I going to use now?!?”

Some are turning to Photoshop Elements but the $99 price tag for a full version is a big leap from the free resource that Picnik offered. Keeping overhead low is important to bloggers who write full-time so I’ve curated a list of sites—some even comparable to Photoshop—that you’ll want to definitely check out!

Downloadable Software

Online Apps

 Do you have a favorite free/cheap photo editing software? What do you currently use to edit images? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Reporting back: I did try to very easy to use! But one of the most valuable tools for me is ‘curves’ they currently don’t offer this tool. However does!

    Another online tool you might find useful is which helps to remove shadows and lighten white backgrounds!

  2. Jo says:

    Don’t forget
    they’ve just taken over the editing service for flickr. They have a basic level editor that’s integrated into flickr, then some other more in depth programs that are completely free (to a level) with a registration. I’m nothing to do with them by the way, just a long time admirer!!
    Jo x

  3. Hilary says:

    Photobucket has amazing photo editing software (it’s actually Pixlr), and you can aggregate all of your camera and phone-camera photos there, edit them and share them from there…keeping your originals with a Pro account.

  4. Renee says:

    I have personally used Gimp and think it’s wonderful! A friend of mine who’s a professional photographer (with her own business) told me about it. She uses it to edit her photos and to make cards she sells on Etsy. There is a learning curve with it, but there are many, many great tutorials on youtube to show you how to use it. It’s a GREAT program!!

  5. I hate that Picnik is gone . Its Great that people can learn to use photo tools and make there Pis fantastic. I run a site that offers lots of options But does not intergrade the customer using tools . but lets different designers work on a photo and the customer gets to pick the one they like the best. Its a Totally different concept But is a option . we do everything to Basic edits , color popping , and full out manipulations.

  6. Anthony Kalowski says:

    Ribbet! have just announced that they’re opening a photo editor that’s almost identical to Picnik (built on the same platform and with all the same features). They’re giving away a chance to win 1 of 100 free Ribbet Premium memberships if you request an invite on their site:

  7. Olivia says:

    Picmonkey is almost exactly like picnik, it works great. It’s absolutely free. The royal features can be unlocked just by clicking them and then pressing apply without the little monkey symbol in the corner. The only problem I have it that it has less cool fonts that picnik had.

  8. Thanks for introducing these alternatives! We were looking for one to suggest to our users after Picnik went down, and wrote a post about how you can use PicMonkey and conXt to send your photocards: If you’re interested, conXt is your paper address book online – and makes it easy to gather, back up, organize and automatically update all your family contacts. From conXt, you can print mailing labels to send holiday cards from home, export your list to any online card retailer, or send holiday cards straight from conXt. And it’s free!

  9. cymbeline says:

    Picmonkey LOOKS the same but I’m finding that the effects are not as refined as picnik. It’s good, but it’s not great, not like picnik was. There are effects that I am yet to find a photo that these improve. I was hoping that they would add a bit more sophistication as time went on, but have been disappointed. I am yet to find a replacement for picnik. Very sad.

  10. Cathy says:

    I have been using PicMonkey and really like it because it’s very similar to picnik. But now they are charging for it, $33/year. That’s not a bad price but does anyone know a similar one for free?

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