Get to the Heart of Your Brand

Since this month is all about DIY branding, what a better way to start than getting to the heart of things! My branding philosophy is before you can make changes, you have to know what is and isn’t working for you. Otherwise, what’s the point really?

At Moxie Pear, we get to help clients with their branding on a daily basis (best job EVER) and we start from the beginning with every project…your story (the heart of your business). From there, you can pinpoint and create a branding strategy (fancy industry word for plan) based on your products and your customers. To get you started, I have created a nifty little print out with some basic questions and a few suggestions for helping you improve your brand. Click the image or here to download.

No matter where you are in your business, I think there is always room for improvement when it comes to your brand. This doesn’t have to be as drastic as a complete redesign of your logo but it could be a better way of approaching your customer service or prettying up your packaging. These little things all contribute to your overall brand and can make a difference in your customers eyes (and in your wallet).

Do you have a question about getting to the heart of your brand? I would love to help! In fact, I am offering a FREE branding consultation to the first 10 folks that email me with “OMHG branding” in the subject line. If you aren’t sure what you can do to improve your brand, I will be happy to take a look and give you some DIY suggestions. 🙂

Editor’s note: Be sure to join Lisa & I for an #OMHG chat, Thursday October 4th from 1-2EST, to kick off our DIY branding theme by chatting about getting to the heart of our brands. Bring your questions, ideas, and links to the DIY brands that inspire you most, see you then! ~Jess


  1. Custom On It says:

    Lisa! Are you still left with any free branding consultation opportunity? And i am interested in hearing your deepest thoughts on how i can make a better contribution to improve my brand. I tried to catch you up on twitter but i see a broken link under your bio here. Let me know if you still have a free consultation session for me?

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