May 2012 Wallpaper Suite: Wildflower Week

With May comes sunny weather, warm hues, and wildflower blooms covering the ground. And I don’t know about you, but I love Summer colors and flowers. When I found out that the second week of May is National Wildflower Week, I knew I had to design something to help celebrate.

I grew up in North Alabama and remember how the Governor’s wife pushed heavily for wildflowers to be planted. As a result, I have fond memories of going on trips and being in the backseat, watching all the various colors go by from flowers planted in the median of the interstate. Then, my time in Tennessee was full of yellow-beaming buttercups and the promise of warm-weather. Lately, I’ve been able to enjoy the San Diego region, full of tropical plant life and made it a must to live in an apartment home that came with a view of their best landscaping.

My mom’s side of the family is full of greenthumbs. Though, the gene skipped over me, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying my favorite subject to paint on canvas, cover fabric-bound books with, and use as inspiration for all my bold colors in logo designs.

Designing these monthly wallpapers gives me something to enjoy while stuck indoors working at the desk and offers a quick pick-me-up on rainy days.

What’s been your fondest memory of growing up with wildflowers?

Download your wallpaper suite:

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