#OMHG: Businessy Goodness

Know those moments when you are so excited and everything is so fabulous that you could just burst into a million glittery pieces? It’s been one of those days. From the minute I sent out the first sneak peek to contributors & sponsors announcing our Guide to Businessy Goodness to the #omhg chat on it that just ended, its been non-stop tweets, emails and ads being snatched up! Obviously this is something our creative community wants and is ready to support. Thank you for all your help spreading the word and sharing your suggestions-we are going to make this un*%$^ingbelievable. Who knew I would love selling ad space? Not me!

Today’s #omhg chat was the biggest yet with 52 amazing people joining in to share their ideas and suggestions for our guide. You can get the whole transcript right here-it is packed with awesome!


Remember this guide is for you and you know best what your business needs. Let us know who you want to see in the guide in the comments on this post and share what kinds information you think should not be overlooked. If you need it to grow your creative business then it should be in the guide.

Who do you look to for inspiration and support? What packaging suppliers & printers do you love? What are the best online marketplaces to sell handmade or creative goods? Which illustrators, designers, developers, books, products, accountants, coaches etc should every creative business owner check out?

Shout out our guide to them by clicking below and personalizing your tweet or forward them the link, post it on Facebook, blog your list of suggestions-bring it on! Use the #omhg hashtag to be sure I see your choices on Twitter. Let’s build and grow this guide together.

Would love to see_____in the @ohmyhandmade Guide to Businessy Goodness bc___________! Get the details: http://bit.ly/zxhdAy #omhg click here to tweet it

And in other breaking news-it looks like OMHG and I are going to start seriously working towards building a conference/summit for Canadian creatives and our international friends. Like the graphic says, today businessy goodness, tomorrow the world!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted, we are in this together after all.


  1. Cutelicious says:

    I am not quite sure whether this concerns enough people … but I still have a really small business with an online store primarily based in Germany where I live.
    I am planning to open an etsy store later this year. What really freaks me out and what I have not found too much information about so far is te legal bit. Like what information has to be on your site/ etsy store … do you have to give your whole address? What kind of return policy do you have to have? Those kinds of things. There are really strict rules about that here in Germany and if you do not take them into account and follow them you might have to pay a fine (which can be quite high).
    Are there such regulations for etsy – selling world wide? I would really love to get some information about that!
    But not sure how many other people would find that helpful ….

    Am really looking forward to this guide!


  2. My shop falls under the “paper goods” category on Etsy. I’d love to hear from others what type of printers they would recommend and types of paper (heavy weight, cardstock, stickers,…) and where to get them (preferably in Europe, maybe even Belgium – surely I can’t be the only Belgian seller in the OMHG community? 🙂
    Also, I’d love to learn more about European suppliers for packaging items.
    Look forward to seeing your guide in April!

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