The Clock is Ticking Oh So Sweet Checklist

I took a mini sabbatical from my Oh My! contributions to plan out my handmade wedding + create an organizational extravaganza for messy entrepreneurs called Life is Messy Bootcamp. But when I noticed I was beginning to experience shortness of kindness + an unbearable absence of sparkling dust in my life, I new I needed a non-stop ticket ride to Oh My! Handmade-ville, my happy place on the web.

Onto today’s business nugget.

On this occasion, I’ve prepared something extra special for those resolution troopers out there. It’s a printable The Clock is Ticking Checklist, hand-illustrated by my 10 little fingers of course, designed to help you break down your Mount Everest into manageable chunks you can actually check-off the list.

I’ve found that nothing works better than checklists to move from the “dream stage” into the “action workshop”. With checklists you can stay focused + set priorities + forget nothing + turbo charge your productivity. I’m a huge fan.

But there’s an art to list making. The key to getting stuff done is to focus on the 5 most important things you want to get done that day, as opposed to the 50 or more items I see most people attempting to tackle. Long lists can never be finished + there’s a huge negative psychological impact to not accomplishing what’s on your list. It leaves you drained + feeling like a total loser. I’ve been there too.

And even when you do check off items from your T-Rex size to-do list, it’s usually the easiest tasks first to trim some of the fat + shorten the list. But who are we kidding, right? We all know very well that the easiest items are rarely the most transcendental for your business. So, again, we are left feeling like a failure.

On the flip side, short lists are realistic + give you power + make you feel good, because you can actually cross your items off. There’s an enormous psychological boost in getting stuff done + cruising thought your to-do items, specially when you mark off the things that matters most to you + make the most difference for your business.

So, what on your short-list Pinky?


Mayi Carles

the clock is ticking + oh so sweet checklist from Mayi Carles

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  1. Mayi Carles says:

    The funniest thing just happened to me. You know I frequent Oh My land often + just a few seconds ago as I was procrastinating a bit I decided to stop for a visit + then I saw these cute printable + I SWEAR that for a nano second I was like: WOWWW that’s so pretty, I wish I could do something like that!

    And then BOOOMMM… I realize it’s my guest post!

    Just a little confession for the “self-conscious” book of records LOL.

    So for today on my short list I’ve got: Remind yourself every day that you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED. Cuz seriously sometimes we forget!

    • Jessika says:

      I love that SOOOOO much Mayi! You are supremely amazingly talented and I hope you always remember it! Thank you for your beautiful guest post and for sharing your talented self so freely with us-love you:)

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