Building a Community from Scratch – Step #1 The Idea

Since this month is all about community it gives me a great opportunity to announce a my new venture since it is all about this subject. One of my biggest loves with Moxie Pear is being able to support women with their dreams of entrepreneurship. The design part of it is pretty great too but my passion is seeing other women succeed in doing something that they love. I think this is just how the world should work…yes, unicorns and all! Over the last 7 years in building my own business, I have been aching to do something more on a personal scale. I recently grew into a new office with an awesome assistant and new designer. Being in a building that will allow for growth is a bad combination for 3 people that love to dream big. 😉

Since there is no “community” of creative entrepreneurs (specifically for women) in the surrounding area, we decided to make our own! I love the space that we are in so I knew this is where I wanted the dream to start. After about a month of tossing around all sorts of ideas on how to make this work we finally came up with a cohesive plan. We will start on a small scale and offer monthly memberships with the benefits being access to weekly, bi-weekly and monthly workshops on building your business and fun thing like cupcake minglers and such. We will also have a space available for photography rental (equipment and camera) at a very reasonable price. Membership will also include having member’s products available on our website for purchase, which will be marketed locally (Buy handmade – Buy Local kinda thing). We will also be adding monthly handmade fairs and other opportunities for member’s to get outside exposure and sell their wares to the community.

If you want to keep up with the progress, visit my blog and follow along. 🙂 We have big plans to make this a community that grows into a huge local movement.

UPDATE – Since writing this article only a week ago things have changed course a bit. Our idea has been scaled back slightly (due to circumstances beyond our control) and we are having to adjust accordingly. Without getting too down, we are looking at this entire thing as a learning experience and will keep updating the progress as we go along. 🙂


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