Space Shopping: Handmade Finds for Intergalactic Travellers

The launch of our Guide to Businessy Goodness has truly been like an adventure into the far reaches of space. Over 120 copies have been sold since our Guide went live yesterday morning and I’ve been blown away by all the tweets, posts & support from our community. I am thankful and amazed by the response from everyone, obviously the creative community was ready for business to get a little businessy! Since I have space on the brain & today is Day II of our launch party, I thought it would be fun to round up some fabulous finds for your next party on Alpha Centauri, or your new studio at the End of the Universe. Shopping for space travel=yes!

shadowplaynyc, space fashion


Occupy Outer Space! Shadowplaynyc makes these awesome galaxy/nebula inspired clothes perfect for a moon mission. A/B

calamari studio

I’m rather smitten by these spacey prints from Michelle Tavares of Calamari Studio, can’t you just see them on a studio wall in some distant galaxy? Or if your teleporter is broken, bringing a little space to your workspace (ha!).  A/B

space, little paper planes

One of my favourite places online for artsy daydreaming is Little Paper Planes. I could get lost for hours looking at all the awesome finds but here are a few of my picks for our adventuring through space + time. A/ B/ C  

pillars of creation

Pillars of Creation makes beautiful silk scarves printed with images of nebulas & galaxies. Trillian would so love these! A/ B /

sarah giannobile

These abstract paintings  by Sarah Giannobile take the space theme a bit less literally but still make me want to fire up the spaceship. Found via Noisette Academy  A / B /

I hope you are feeling suitably spaced out and ready for some ‘out of this world’ adventure of your own. Pick up your copy of the Guide to Businessy Goodness & come party with us! 

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