May: Bloom, Nest, Spark!

oh my handmade may theme

Our month of businessy goodness has propelled me back to Mama Earth and all the lovely green and growing things in this part of the world. Hopefully with an infusion of our galactic biz smarts you are ready to bloom right along with your business and we’re here with you! This month we are sharing posts on blooms-the literal & the metaphorical kind, nests-getting our biz & workspace & cluttered minds all aired out and tidyish, and sparks-our creative ones, those sparks of life, newness and joy we carry inside (but sometimes neglect).

I’m feeling pretty sparkly right now! I’ve barely touched down from our launch and tomorrow when most of you are reading this I will be flying towards New Mexico and Spark Retreat. My shoes are packed, my first ever passport is all new and shiny ready to be stamped, I have blank books and expansive thoughts waiting to be let loose. I can’t wait to share all the pretty things I have crafted for my workshop!  I’ve never flown out of Canada as an adult or left my girls before (7.5 years!) but I’m still more excited then scared. I know that there are new friends waiting to be made and many hugs + laughs + learning waiting for me on the other side. Since I can’t pack you all up with me I’ll be writing about the retreat this month, taking lots of pictures, and our weekly #omhg chat will be happening live from Santa Fe on Thursday- so you can almost, sort of, come along too.

Our incredible contributors have lined up a month of beautiful and inspiring posts this month, so we truly will get a little bit of a retreat. Together we’ll all bloom, nest, and recharge our creative sparks.

Hello month of blooming brightness, we’re ready! 

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  1. Kim Gosney says:

    I just can’t *WAIT* to see what everyone has planned for this month!!! YIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEE! With such a WONDERFUL group of contributors maybe everyone will feel the power of the SPARK!!!

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