30 Days of Goodness (& a birthday too!)

30 days of goodness, oh my handmade

Oh how I love December! It isn’t just the holidays, or the fact that it is my birthday (the 18th), my Mister’s birthday (the 16th), AND our anniversary (the 17th) all the week before Christmas, it is also the spirit of goodness that infuses the world. I always wish I could make it last forever! This year is extra special because I will be turning 30 and Chris and I will be entering our 10th year together. It is hard to believe he was 19 and I was 20 when we met, now we are looking back on a decade of birthdays. EEP! In honour of this special month I’m shamelessly throwing myself a virtual birthday party and have rallied all our contributors into crafting up some goodness filled posts for us!

Nothing makes me happier than notes in the mail so if you want to join in the birthday fun & pop some goodness for my next decade into your mailbox this is the one time I am going to shamelessly ask for some loving! You can mail any birthday wishes to Jessika Hepburn, PO Box 1690, Lunenburg Nova Scotia, B0J 2C0, Canada

This month we’ll be sharing posts that make us happy, printables and tutorials just for fun, and of course some seasonal sweetness (+ a dose or two of silliness!). I’ll also be sharing some extra posts this month on a few of my favourite things & updates on our new site. I hope you will join us to celebrate the holidays and my birthday extravaganza, let the goodness begin!

 Ps: Be sure to check out our second Community Critique post and enter to be December’s winner! 


    • Jessika says:

      Thank you Linda!!!
      I’m so happy you are here to celebrate with me Colleen! The only thing that would be better is being able to wander over to your studio for tea & crafty time!
      Thank you Janet! I am wishing you a season filled with magic and fabulousness too!

  1. Lisa says:

    I love december too.. it’s my Birthday on the 17th and my Grandma’s (who’s passed on) on the 18th. I’m also turning 30… it feels weird cuz I can remember my mom at 30. I thought it was OLD!
    I wish you and your hubby the best!

    • Jessika says:

      Hooray for turning 30 together, this theme is perfect for you! Your birthday is right on the day between Chris & I:) I can remember my mom at 30 too-I was 10! It is hard to believe now:) Wishing you an absolutely beautiful birthday and a year filled with all the things you love most <3

    • Jessika says:

      Yay! Thank you Mina!
      Happy early birthday Brittany-this party is for you too!
      Nee that is so exciting, that is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone with the same crazy birthday set up as ours. I’m glad you will be joining the party! We celebrate on the 17th too & maybe (just maybe) are getting married next year on that day!
      Thank you Anisa!
      Thanks Christina! I collect Sag’s and am firmly convinced we make the best friends (but then again I might be biased too;)

  2. Nee says:

    That’s so funny because my birthday is on the 16th and my boyfriend’s is on the 18th (we celebrate on the 17th). Anyway, just thought I’d comment to say that I adore your blog and how nice it is of you to celebrate your birthday and other milestones with us! Looking forward to more posts and happy early birthday!

    • Jessika says:

      Aw thank you Francesca! I think birthdays are the best time to go all out & celebrate ourselves!
      I adore you Geri-I wish we could celebrate together in real life, we must make this happen!
      Tracey, yes! The longer I can stretch out the birthday glow the better-I don’t care much about the gifts but I do so love the embracing of awesome & reflecting on everything I’ve done so far-the best of which is cultivating lovely friends like YOU!

  3. Geri says:

    Yay! A whole month of celebration… big milestones coming your way, Jess – thank you so much for sharing it with the OMHG community… I, for one, feel very honoured.

    Here’s to lots of cupcakes, sleep, hoorays, laughter & a brand new exciting year (and decade!)

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