Come Reignite Your Fire With Us in New Mexico!

spark retreat, reignite your fire

Woohoo! I’m going to headline the Spark-the creative entrepreneur retreat, in New Mexico with Alexandra Franzen in May to lead a workshop on Cultivating Our Creative Sparks!  A few months ago after a long day of parenting I sat down at my desk with my head in my hands and thought, “I really need a vacation”, an hour later I had an email from Tania of Manus Made inviting me to lead a workshop for the retreat she was creating with Deanna of Apples & Oranges. A true believer in synchronicity I didn’t over think it-I just said yes. My spark needs a little rest and nurturing and the company of other women who can relate and help stoke my creative fire, so I’m betting you do too.

Join us for a weekend of rest, creativity and community building in the mountains of Santa Fe. We have the whole gorgeous Hacienda Dona Andrea to ourselves to lounge, play and create (plus I’m dreaming of sleeping in one of these soft, quiet beds that I don’t have to make, you know you are a mother when!).

What is Spark Retreat

It’s a place where you will push past your limits and grow as a creative entrepreneur in a safe and positive environment. It’s a nurturing place for creative women to learn from and share with each other. It’s where you’ll dig deep inside, figure out what makes your creative spark your own, and then relight that sucker! It’s a place to clown around and experiment with new ideas and skills. It’s where you’ll get to be a kid for a few days and just play. It’s where life-long relationships and friendships are born.

So if your spark needs a little loving, head on over to the Spark Retreat website and register now. You’ll be spending the weekend with myself and the incredible wordsmith Alexandra Franzen-two firey creative Sagittarians in the mountains, yes! It’s going to be a bonfire of fun, new friendships and inspiration. I hope I’ll see you there and help you stoke your creative fire!

Follow along with the adventure by checking out Spark Retreat on Facebook & Twitter @SparkRetreat.


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