Kitchen Party: Summerberry Fizzicles


summerberry fizzicles, oh my handmade kitchen party

Even though life here has been crazy there is always something so bittersweet when the long lazy days of August give way to September’s harvest. I wanted to find a simple recipe that would capture the taste and feel of a Canadian summer and the bright, joyful flavour of fresh berries and fizzy drinks. It just isn’t summer without frozen goodies and  sticky fingers-no matter what age you might be!

summerberry fizzicles, oh my handmade kitchen party

The ingredients: 

Are simple-a bowl of fresh berries, the fresher the better, they should smell like summery goodness. The strawberries came from the local farmers market, the blueberries from a farm up the road, and the blackberries from Chris’s parents yard.

1.5 cups all natural fruit juice

1.5 cups fizziness (we used a sparkling lemonade but anything goes-this recipe can easily make adult fizzicles by swapping the pop with Prosecco!)

For supplies you will need popsicle molds + small hands are optional.

summerberry fizzicles, oh my handmade kitchen party

Fill the molds with juices + fizz then stuff in as many berries as you can, stick in the freezer and wait, wait, wait (this is the hard part-I recommend eating the rest of the berries while you do this).

summerberry fizzicles, oh my handmade kitchen party

When your summery goodness is all frozen take it somewhere sunny and enjoy every last fizzy bit (this is the easy part). Be sure to come back and visit us tomorrow when I share our final Kitchen Party recipe full of local flavour and family love!

Do you have a favourite taste of summer? Come share what flavours make your taste buds do their happy sun dance in the comments! 


  1. Kerry says:

    These look super yummy! I have been drinking a lot of flavored sparkling water this summer so this fizzy goodness is a perfect representation of summer for me!

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