Making a House a Home with Handmade Art

My husband and I recently sold our 1920s bungalow that we’ve called home for the past 11 years. The process of selling our house and shopping for a new one has been really stressful, but one of the things that I’m most looking forward to, once we get settled into our new house, is the process of making it a home.

I’ve been thinking of our new house as a blank canvas, and I’m eager to make it our own and fill the rooms with handmade touches. This morning I took a break from packing to browse my favorite Etsy shops, and I thought it would be fun to share some of the items I bookmarked.

Above is a burlap bunting made by Heather Mattos, available in her shop, CMhandmade. I’ll never be as crafty as Heather, so I love that she’s sharing her handmade creations through her Etsy shop!

I love everything from Kiki & Polly, but the art print above, called The Swimmers, is my current favorite. Something about it takes me right back to carefree summers spent at the  neighborhood pool when I was a kid.

I’ve recently become more and more enamored with fun throw pillows, and this Flowers Pillow Cover by Sukan Art is one of my favorites. I think it’s perfect for brightening up a room in spring and summer.

I’ve had my eye on the distressed picture frames from The Sprig Framing Co. for a little while now – I just need to figure out where they’ll go in the new house so I can pick the right color – there are so many great options!

These Vintage Wedding Script Ampersands made from recycled wood by Oh Dier are another item I’ve had my eye on for a little while. I think one would be fun in my office since the name of my company is sarah + abraham, which is what I always think of when I see a decorative ampersand (I started out using an ampersand and then later changed it to a plus sign).

I also like these ceramic owl soap dish trays from Fruit Fly. It seems like such a fun little item to have around the house – completely unnecessary but beautiful and unique.

Please feel free to share your latest Etsy finds in the Comments section – I’d love to see what you have your eye on this spring!


  1. haha I do love the Swimmers print – the two on the right look a bit cold! Like when it was sunny and warm, and we swam and played even if the water was cold because the water was so much fun. Love!

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