Meeting the Makers: Laura of Cupcakes for Clara

cupcakes for clara, meeting the makers, oh my handmade

Who on earth would create a brand and business based on a grumpy imaginary little girl? A creative and talented illustrator named Laura Clempson! Cupcakes for Clara may be a newish business but the minute you see the brand and the product you know without a doubt it is going to be something big. Laura has done an incredible job developing the character behind her brand. From the language she uses, to the illustrations themselves, to the product photography, Cupcakes for Clara is its own little world. One that invites you in for tea and serves up a side of quirky humor for good measure.

When Laura entered our New Biz for the New Year giveaway her entry was so sweet and fun I knew it needed to be shared again-who knew multiple personalities made goal setting a lot more fun!

cupcakes for clara, meeting the makers, oh my handmade

I caught up with Laura (or should I say Clara?) to ask about where she plans to take her business this year:

Hi Laura! Thank you so much for entering our NBNY giveaway-it was such a close call and your entry made a great impression on us. Even though you didn’t win one of our grand prizes we know greatness is in store for you in 2012. What are your plans for the coming year and where do you hope to take Cupcakes for Clara in the next 12 months? 

I am so excited about 2012 and all that could be in store for Cupcakes for Clara. Right now I’m working on a range of products for little boys (even though boys are a bit yucky!), based around a new character that I have fallen completely in love with. He’s called Colin and is Clara & Macy’s next door neighbour. Suddenly I feel as though a whole new world has opened up to me – full of snails, paper planes, forts and tweed clothes.
cupcakes for clara, meeting the makers, oh my handmade
But Clara is still a top priority, and I’m planning a new range of products featuring her too. Dolls, fabric, illustrated prints, and stationery are all on the to do list. Ideally Clara & Macy will also jump onto the pages of their very own picture books, and I plan on seriously pursuing that in 2012. I’d like to get an agent and a publishing deal by the end of the year. My head is full of exciting plans, although trying to decide what to prioritise is so tricky!
cupcakes for clara, meeting the makers, oh my handmade

Laura wasn’t technically one of our winning entries but all the judges were convinced her brand already had everything going for it. One of the reasons for sharing a shortlisted entry each month was to give the business and you, our readers, the chance to share your knowledge and experience. I invite you to check out Cupcakes for Clara and leave your comments below about ways that Laura can improve her brand. Have thoughts on product ideas, events, upgrades, social media tips? Let us know! We can help this little grumpy girl take on the world-she’s ready for it!

cupcakes for clara, meeting the makers, oh my handmade

Visit Cupcakes for Clara on:

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Also take advantage of the chance to get some sweet Clara handmade goodness for yourself using this promotional code until Sunday!



  1. Leeana says:

    Such a great post! I recently fell in love with grumpy little Clara. 🙂

    I look so forward to following along and know that I will be seeing much more of your designs popping up. You definitely have the drive and determination to succeed.


  2. Nanako says:

    Really enjoyed how you used Clara’s voice in your submission Laura – it was very creative + entertaining! Congrats on a great feature here!

    Here are a some thoughts:

    * Would love to see a line of product that helped children directly experience + step into the world of Clara + her friends. You mentioned a book, but what about taking it a step further with a cookbook written by Clara (like you did for your entry). I’m thinking of one filled with creative desserts (since ‘cupcake’ is part of your brand name) that has that same ‘feel’ as your entry – written by Clara with her little side notes. It could easily expand to be a whole world that you create – children’s clothing, decor, educational materials, etc. WOW!

    * One note on your Etsy shop. Your images are very clear + show the product well. However, a large part of being on Etsy is having your product included in treasuries by having ‘treasury friendly’ images. I run a treasury making team with Amber from redtilestudio + feel that being visible in treasuries makes a HUGE difference when it comes to exposure on Etsy. When we make the FP (front page) of Etsy, our shop stats go through the roof! In my personal opinion, your images could be more ‘treasury friendly’. This would only apply to the first image – the one that shows up in your shop. For instance, what if you photographed the kitten finger puppets on a solid white background + played with your layout? Zoom in on the first one + blur the others that fan back? Again, just thinking in terms of creating a look + feel that represents the brand, but also has treasury appeal.

    Hope that makes sense and that you find it helpful!!

    ❤ Nanako

  3. lakshmi says:

    I love Clara ! So cute.. what a delightful line of illustrations. Good luck to you Laura, clara and Colin 🙂
    If you ever get stuck for ideas for your illustrations about what boys want and do to be more yucky, call me ! I have a boyish boy who taught me all about dump trucks to dinosaurs to sharks!
    So happy for you, Laura and I look forward to seeing you grow !

  4. As a mum to two little boys, I’m in love with Colin! Clara had already won me over…but now Colin…really adore your characters!

    I enjoyed getting to know your shop during the giveaway- I am impressed by all that you are doing really well. It looks like you are narrowing in on your niche with Clara ( and now Colin). I would encourage you to continue developing your products strategically. Keeping in mind your vision, your market, and what makes sense for your brand.

    I love working with other creative businesses & am happy to answer any business questions! Best wishes for you & Clara….and Colin!
    – allisa

  5. Sandra says:

    I read this post the day he was released, but sometimes it’s hard for me to write a comment at the moment and in many cases, I just could not get back to leave a comment.
    I must say that I have reminded me over the days of your wonderful work. And I had to come back here to tell you! I LOVE IT!
    Very well done!

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