#PassionProjects: Global Mothers

global mothers, passion projects, oh my handmade

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.~A. Lappe

Mothers hands build the world and do a million little things that are the same no matter what country they live in or language they speak. There is a common bond between all mothers regardless of cultural differences but there is no question that some women face far greater barriers to becoming creative entrepreneurs than others.  I invited Global Mothers, an organization that aims to support third world mothers by selling their artisan works, to visit us and share their passion project to connect mothers globally.

Global Mothers is a Vancouver-based direct-trade organization that is the first–of-its-kind. It was founded by a father and daughter team who shared a vision of helping women in third world communities. After traveling extensively throughout the Global South, Peter and Katie Mogan made it their mission to do something that could help the women in these communities. Having a tightly knit family themselves, they focused on one of the strongest bonds in existence: motherhood.

global mothers, passion projects, oh my handmade

Global Mothers is focused on supporting mothers around the world through distributing artisan quality products. By encouraging people to “buy good,” Global Mothers is making it easy for people to make a profound change in someone’s life by simply buying a product. Unlike many companies that temporarily help communities by giving away a product, Global Mothers goes deeper and aims to improve the community on an infrastructural level.

global mothers, passion projects, oh my handmade

By partnering with non-government organizations in the Global South, when moms purchase items from Global Mothers they help support the initiatives of the selected NGOs as well as the individual women that produced the good they purchased. Families, especially mothers, now have the opportunity to take their normal, everyday purchase one step further and help other women by making the choice to buy good.

global mothers, passion projects, oh my handmade

Global Mothers products are artisan made and currently target mothers buying for their young children. The products include finger puppets, toy blocks, and animal backpacks. High quality and tested for safety, the items purchased directly help the woman who made it. Each product comes with a story of the woman who made it: how many children she cares for, where she lives, how many hours it takes to produce the product etc.

Through Global Mothers, Katie and her father Peter, are able to impact families around the world. They want to revolutionize the way people make purchases. Shopping can be more than want; it can fulfill the needs of people around the world.




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    Wow, I love this mission and what wonderful products. Definitely adding this company to my gift list. Thank you so much for introducing them!

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