Take Note This Holiday Season: Christmas Me-Mo Cards

Jack and Bob the Christmas Tree

This is my son, Jack, sharing a laugh with Bob, last year’s Christmas tree. Yes, he named the tree, and no, it never occurred to me to do so until Jack announced the tree’s name was Bob.

We also have Lil’ Bob, the tabletop artificial tree. Original, right?

Last night (as I’m writing this) we brought home this year’s Christmas tree, which we’ll be decorating this weekend. What will Jack name this year’s tree? Who knows. He knows Bob went to a factory after the holidays last year to become mulch for children’s playgrounds (according to Daddy), but he’s mentioned naming the tree Bob again. Or Flower, if it’s a girl tree. Maybe  our annual tradition will be to pick Bob back up for the holidays and see how he’s grown or changed from last year. Perhaps we’ll have a new friend each year to light up our living room, keep watch over the presents and make our house smell festive.

Regardless, it’s these moments and stories that I always want to remember.

(Wait a minute, my house is REALLY quiet…be right back……………OK, all good, little dude is just quietly watching some Disney.)

Where was I? Moments. Remember. Oh, yes!

It’s easy to get distracted, especially this time of year, and let those moments slip by, unnoticed or undocumented . Last year I doodled each day what I call Me-Mo Cards, MEmories and MOments quickly jotted and doodled on cards so they aren’t forgotten. I put all of my Me-Mo Cards in a little photo album that sits in the living room where we can flip through it and reminisce about last year’s activities. I enjoyed documenting our holidays like this so much that I plan to make it tradition.

I hope you’ll try it as well.

Therefore, my gift to you this season are these blank Me-Mo Cards I designed.  They measure 4″ x 6″ to fit in photo albums and have a Christmas tree motif in honor of Bob (and approved by Jack). Choose from turquoise & red (my current favorite color combination & fun for Christmas!) or black and white outlines for those wanting to color them in yourself.

So print out a few pages on some card stock, cut them apart & keep them handy to jot or doodle those little moments throughout the holidays. You can also collage the Christmas ephemera, give them to your kids to draw on for posterity, print and attach photos, make song lists, wish lists, must do holiday activities, or write recipes. You could even use them as flat note cards or folded as gift tags-whatever your little heart & creativity desires!

Just click on the image above to download your set of Me-Mo Cards. There are four pages in the file, and you can pick and choose which ones to print through the options on your printer.

I hope these cards help you capture the best moments of this month. To taking note this holiday season!
xoxo Nicole


  1. La Alicia says:

    I <3 the idea of Me-Mo cards – thanks for sharing them with the community!

    Ok, the Christmas tree getting a name — that is the cutest thing ever! Mine may need a name too — don't want him to feel left out! 😉

  2. Coral says:

    I love seeing all the Christmas trees at the moment – so different to what we have in Australia. Adore this quick way to catch Me-Mo’s. I like the idea for the whole year -a different option to traditional scrapbooking. Would be great as part of a 7 Gypsies library drawer project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. So it looks like Bob is back again this year…no, Flower this year. I’m cool with Bob coming back each year though…it’ll be like spending the holidays with an old friend!

    Coral, the idea of Me-Mo cards actually started as my alternative take to traditional scrapbooking (which I’m really not a fan of). I’ve shared various cards & ideas over the past year or so, but I plan on sharing more ideas and printables on a regular basis in the New Year on my Three By Sea site, so be on the lookout!

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