Write The Handmaker Manifesto


That smoke you smell is my wee tiny brain recovering from a recent brainstorm. One of my greatest joys is the wonderful connections that I’ve been privileged to make within the handmade community. There are so many artists and crafters with such divergent perspectives, yet we seem to be able to transcend time and location to make up a collective whole of amazing creativity. I love that about us. My struggle has been to think of a word that covers all of us.  Then it hit me: we are handmakers. Spell-check doesn’t like the word, but I do and I hope you do too, because I need you help to make this official.

Nothing makes a word more official than a manifesto. So, let’s write one just for us, the handmade community. I’m looking for 7 basic principles that make us who we are. I’ll start it off:

  1.  Our hands are our tools.

OK, can we come up with 6 more. Be creative and let me know in the comments: what makes you a handmaker? I’ll take your ideas and complete the manifesto. Then, I’ll talk to you about spreading it around. Thanks handmakers!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published by Brett on IAMTHELAB, check out the original post here & join us in the comments here or on Brett’s post to create our own manifesto! 


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