Announcing Our June Theme: Community Is…


Community, what does that word really mean? We intend to find out! This month we’re exploring what community is and what it means to us + our online/offline worlds.  Just some of the questions we’ll be diving into are:

  • How do we find, build, and support healthy communities?
  • What is engagement and why is everyone talking about it?
  • Is there a difference between building community on Facebook vs. Twitter?
  • Where can we find our ‘right’ people?
  • How important is diversity to creating real communities?
  • Will the language we use impact who we attract to our community?

From investigating the uber-practical business side of building community for your brand to sharing the pure joy of belonging, + a fun experiment with community building-we are going to work together to define what community is to each one of us. But we need your help! There is no community without participation, so I am asking all of us to try and grab some time out of our busy lives to connect in the comments, on Facebook & Twitter and lend our voices to this conversation. For me community is about belonging, having a safe place to be ourselves, and true moments of connection/compassion. It is my deepest hope that all of us feel surrounded by a supportive community here and that everyone feels welcome. Whether you need someone to celebrate with or a shoulder to cry on, I want us to be there with open arms and a cupcake. I know without question that when we have that kind of support, anything (and I mean anything) is possible.

Ready to jump into community building with us?

Let’s start our journey by finishing this sentence in the comments: “Community is…”* I’ll see you there!

Community is…(your answer here). Share what community means to you with #OMHG join us on Twitter 

*Click here to read the transcript & download a print of our ‘Community is…” #OMHG chat! 


  1. Community is moving forward with everyone’s best interests in mind.

    I think that when you stop serving yourself alone and start thinking about what is best for everyone in your sphere of influence, you begin the process of really building community.

  2. Sarah says:

    Copied from my twitter:
    Community is sharing & caring about those you’re communicating with. It’s helping one another & being welcoming & encouraging #OMHG

  3. Trish says:

    For me, to break bread is community. It means connecting, sharing, and caring. Community fosters trust and trust fosters community. It reflects common denominators, yet shines with individual uniqueness. Community is inclusive and roomy. When vibrating on a high wave of consciousness, it is emotionally neutral, yet deliciously vibrant and energizing. It’s being playful, responsible, and wise.

    • Jessika says:

      @Trish This is one of the most powerful descriptions of community I have ever read! Thank you so much for sharing your words with us- I love how you describe community through dichotomies-playful/responsible, similarities/difference-inclusive & roomy-the balance of closeness yet space to breathe. Just beautiful!

  4. Nanako says:

    So excited to be exploring this theme for the month! It’s really interesting to focus on this subject + examine the many layers of what community means. Great topic – thank you Jess!

  5. To me, community is having people around you that you can share with and who can also share with you– ideas and experiences (good and bad). I’m really excited for this new venture! Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

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