Entrepreneur Ethics: A Month Long Exploration

entrepreneur ethics, ethics for entrepreneurs, small business ethics

Happy March! After all this leaping and loving I hope we are ready to dive straight into exploring Entrepreneur Ethics. Last year’s ethics theme and ongoing posts about ethics are some of our most popular posts of all time and something that is continually being raised in our online and offline creative communities. This month we will investigate ethics with humor and compassion; from Pinterest, fine print and copyright law to non-spammy marketing, online etiquette, and building a creative business with integrity-we are jumping into this topic with both feet and a whole lot of heart.  I hope you will join us as we dig deeper into the ethics of entrepreneurship!

ethics and entrepreneurship, small business ethics

What separates creative entrepreneurs from the corporate monoliths of the old economy? Our ability to define business on our own terms. We are not confined by outdated models of profit over people and can create businesses that sustain us and our communities. Together we can chart out some shared values and ethics for what this changing economy can look like and the part we want to play. Along with our always amazing contributor posts this month I’ve lined up a group of insightful creative business ‘ethics experts’ to share their knowledge with guest posts and Twitter chats!

Mark your calendars: 

March 8 1-2EST: #OMHG chat -introduction to our ethics theme & chat on personal + professional ethics

March 14: Anile of Girlfriday visits to share her thoughts and research on Pinterest

March 15 1-2EST: #OMHG chat with co-host @anile on Pinterest ethics

March 21: Diane of Crafty Pod offers insight into craft blogging + setting business boundaries

March 22 1-2EST: #OMHG chat with @sisterdiane to go deeper into her thoughts on blogging + boundaries

March 28: Miss Modish is going to polish our pitches & help us promote with integrity

March 29 1-2EST: #OMHG chat with @miss_modish on pitching your products with passion and compassion.

We also have some incredible posts from Rena Tom on transparency, Laura of Bugs & Fishes on professional promotion & other TBA guests!

ethics and entrepreneurship, small business ethics

Do you have ethical questions about business you want to see answered this month? A story to share about a sticky ethical situation? Your own ethical philosophy for business? Let us know in the comments! 


  1. Erika says:

    The ethics of pinterest and how people use it has been a hop topic lately. It will be interesting to see others have to say and what pinterest does in the future.


    • Jessika says:

      Love that Laura! You are the second to ask me:) They are JacobRiley & Saissant both from Magpie Paper Works via MyFonts-http://shop.magpiepaperworks.com/ be warned though, all their fonts are covet worthy!

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