Oh My! Kitchen Party & Call for Submissions

oh my! kitchen party, oh my handmade

oh my! kitchen party, oh my handmade

Come help us write an Oh My Cookbook to celebrate creativity, community and culture!

Editor’s note: I am so excited to publish this post just before my 2nd anniversary as Oh My editor! Food is a huge part of my life and how I nurture my friends, family, and community. It isn’t surprising that my mama was the one to point out that we hadn’t spent enough time here talking about the creativity of cooking or how food can bring a community together. She has been reading OMHG since I took over and recently started coming to our #OMHG chats so you might have already met her!  I owe so much of what I know about community to her so it only makes sense to make it official and welcome mama,  Stephanie Douglas, to the OMHG team! Now we are truly a family operation!  She is coming on board to start a collaborative cookbook project for us and she shares the details below in her first post on how you can join in on our kitchen party. Can’t wait to dish up some creativity with you all!  ~Jess

A casual comment during an #OMHG chat about how neat it would be to have an Oh My! Cookbook turned into a flurry of “what a great idea that would be” and a true expression of interest from the Oh My community.

That is just what the chat that day was about – creating and belonging to community and as so often happens during conversations on feeling connected, people started talking about food, cupcakes and cakes and how food brings people together in creating a feeling of connection and belonging.

Of course, since I was the one who said hey, wouldn’t a cookbook be nice, my daughter Jessika said, “go for it mamasita, it’s all yours.”

There are few communities that are as warm, welcoming, creative and inspiring as the Oh My! community. What better way to celebrate the amazing people that make up this creative group than by sharing with each other (and the world) our favorite foods that comfort, inspire or celebrate us and the people we love.

So let’s do this, let’s share the recipes and stories of how we use food to inspire, comfort and celebrate.

oh my! kitchen party, oh my handmade


  • Send in your favorite recipe of a dish that always inspires you when you’re creatively blocked, that comforts you when you need a hug or celebrates you and the people you love. 500-1000 words
  • Tell us a story of where this dish came from, what it means to you, where did you get the initial recipe for it and how have you transformed it to make it your own. 100-300 words
  • Include 3-5 beautiful high-resolution pictures of your dish, or illustrations that have been inspired by cooking this dish for friends, family or yourselves. If you are ultra ambitious submit your recipe as a video!
  • Is there a cultural significance to this dish or is it something that a grandparent, parent, aunt or best friend would make you to cheer you up? We want to know!
  • Pretty please feel free to get creative and invite your own mama, children, family member, or online friend to create a recipe with you.
  • Also be sure to include a 200×200 headshot or button, a 50 word bio, and links to your website and social media pages.

Let’s break bread together in a way that will make us laugh or cry or run to put down a new idea for our next creation. I can’t wait to have my mouth water as I read your recipes and have my heart expand as I read your stories.

Please send your submissions to kitchenparty@ohmyhandmade.com between July 1-July 30th ***Deadline extended to August 8***. During August the OMHG contributors will join in the Oh My! Kitchen Party theme and some of  the submissions from our community chosen by Stephanie & Jessika will be featured as guest posts. In September all the selected submissions and contributor posts will be published as a free downloadable & printable cookbook filled with stories and recipes! 


  1. So excited to see the enthusiasm for this cook book of food, fun and community. It’s going to reflect the beauty, warmth and love of the oh my handmade community.

    Denise, if wedding cakes are your favorite, I say “Go for it.” The food and recipes that mean something to you and that you love don’t have to be an every day type of food.

    Looking forward to mouth drooling days and trying new amazing dishes.

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