#omhg March 1: Taking Leaps in Life and Business

Happy March!  Our theme for this month is “Entrepreneur Ethics” and I am looking forward to the wonderful chats/conversations that will follow the wonderful posts scheduled.  Well, I hope you have your “jumping” shoes on, because yesterday’s chat was all about taking leaps in both business and life.  Thanks to our chat co-host Tracey Selingo (@traceyselingo) for inspiring and encouraging us to take the leap!  If you missed it, read Tracey’s post “Own Your Leap Day” – super inspiring!

Ready… Set… Leap!

#OMHG Highlights:

it’s totally fear of failure and loss of control. i always manage to screw up the courage though. – @lightboxsf

I think if you focus on taking little leaps it gets easier and easier to build the muscle for the big ones – @traceyselingo

@ohmyhandmade @traceyselingo definitely a common thread! the path to success is a bumpy road, but it has some beautiful scenery.– @tif_smith

When we fail/fall/falter we also learn what it is we don’t want to have in our lives-this is equally as vital as knowing what we want. – @ohmyhandmade

ive planned a lot. ive lost a lot. but i think its finally starting to come together w/ a force. – @traceyselingo

@ohmyhandmade @traceyselingo I will reflect on past but only for a moment, otherwise it tends to hold me back from making future leaps – @blah_cubed

you know, nothing is easy. you need to seriously prepare for your leaps, find your nets, know your plan even tho it will change. – @traceyselingo

As long as you learn then it’s never a failure. – @deannamullican

@tif_smith I heard someone say if you are sweating a bit, that means you are stepping outside your comfort zone! good! – @monicaleeart

It can feel like its all uphill-and it usually is. But there are moments on the climb that feel easier + company makes it sweeter – @ohmyhandmade

Don’t consider it a fall, consider it a leap sideways to new scenery 🙂 – @embergrass

Good stuff, right?!  Don’t forget to check out the whole transcript right here.

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