DIY Business Card Case

DIY Business Card Case

Your business cards are a labour of love, so why not show them a little love? Stop throwing them in the bottom of your purse (or is that just me?) and slip them into a fun handmade case. I am lightening up our ethics theme with this simple DIY project for a felt business card holder. It can easily be customized with your business colours, embroidery, or felt appliqués. While a sewing machine is preferable, you can even stitch it up by hand!



  • 2-3 Colours of Felt
  • 1/4″ Elastic (approx 6mm)
  • Thread

Instructions are for standard 2″ x 3.5″ business cards. Adjust measurements to fit if your cards are a different size. I recommend choosing wool (or wool blend) felt for durability – at least for the outside.

The How-To:

1. Cut two pieces of felt 11cm x 17cm (approx 4 5/16″ x 6 11/16″).

Step 1

2. Take your outer piece of felt (grey) and place it right side down. As per the image, make a diagonal cut from the lower left corner to 1.5cm (approx 5/8″) up the lower right side. Place the inner piece of felt (polka dot) right side up and make the same cut.

Step Two

3. If adding appliqués or embroidery, you’ll want to do that before stitching the project together. I hand-stitched on a small heart in a contrasting colour.

Step Three

4. Stitch the angled edge together. Ensuring you leave a 4mm (1/8″) space on either end. I layered the two pieces allowing the inner piece of felt to peek out a bit – you can do this too or align the edges evenly before sewing.

Step Four

5. Fold up the angled edge to create a pocket for your business cards. The longer side of the pocket should be approximately 5.5cm (2 1/8″) and the shorter side approximately 4cm (1 1/2″). Pin.

Step Five

6. Cut a piece of elastic 24cm (approx 9 1/2″ long).

Step Five

7. Sandwich the cut ends of the elastic between the felt pieces on one of the sides.

Step Seven

8. Stitch up both sides. Use approximately a 4mm (1/8″) seam allowance. I just use my sewing machine foot as a guide.

Step Eight Step Nine

9. Stitch along the top straight edge.

DIY Business Card Case Process

10. Trim any uneven edges and loose threads. Insert business cards. Wrap your elastic around. Enjoy your newfound organization!

DIY Business Card Case

A note on material sources – Solid coloured felt from Benzie Bazaar. Polka dot felt was purchased in Japan, but you can find some on Etsy here. Colourful elastic is from Bitsy Bands. Business Cards are


    • Marisa says:

      Hi Norma… glad to hear you tried the project. Sewing, like many things, is a member of the “practice makes perfect” family. Though our first projects don’t always turn out as well as we’d like, the more we make, the better our sewing skills become. Hope you keep sewing!

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