Ready, Set, Achieve Altitude!


I am in Los Angeles after a few days spent spreading love and sparkles for a dear friend, now I am all checked in and preparing to lift-off for Altitude Design Summit. When this post goes out to our mailing list in the morning I will be standing on the podium with my beautiful panel members kicking off the first panel of the conference on Getting Past Zero (my piece is allll about community building!). Right now my heart is swirling with anticipation, excitement, and a wee bit of knee-knocking ohmygoodnessisthisreallyhappeningness. Before I close up my computer and get ready to board the airplane I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and belief in me. You have made my speaking at this event possible because of your willingness to join me in playfully creative community building and I am forever grateful to you all. I am so honoured to have this chance to speak to a topic that I am so passionate about! Since I can’t bring all of you with me to be my personal cheerleading squad I wanted to share the ebook of our presentation I created for our panel, that way I can have you along for the ride in spirit if not in person.  

Just click below to download the PDF!

Getting Past Zero, Altitude Design Summit

Thank you dear friends for being my safety net, my reminder of greatness, my push to dream bigger, my hug when I’m terrified, my safe place to share my story, my community of goodness, my people to serve. You have taught me to be great and I love you all! Now ready, set, lift off!


  1. Nanako says:

    Do you see us all there in the audience, jumping up and down with our pom-poms?? Because each and every one of us is totally there to support you—but you already know that! Sending you lots of love and a HUGE hug!!

  2. Thank you Jess for sharing this and making me feel as if I
    am right beside you cheering you on. The audience is going to drink
    up what you have to share….just like I do daily. This goes right
    into my “goodie” file on my desktop…..

  3. Kimberly says:

    Go Jess!! My heart is filled with so much gratitude for all that you do. You are one amazing lady, and I’m so thankful to have found you and this brilliant community you have created. You are going to rock that presentation! Thank you for sharing the PDF! I’m giddy to read it and happy that I can feel like I’m there with you 🙂

  4. Citlalli S. says:

    Thank you for bringing every single one of us the inspiration, support and empowerment we need to face our days. This community is priceless!! I will be cheering you on from across the country….you are going to rock this! Thnx for the ebook! ;]

  5. Kathleen says:

    Monica, You? Nervous? I can’t even imagine. You are so cool at all times with interviews. Just be you. Hope all is well and thanks for the ebook. I have been wondering what goes on at the AltSummit. Again, apologize for icky air here in SLC. Break a leg!

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