Confessions of a Redneck Mom

Editor’s note: Renae of wanted to guest post reaaaaalllllly badly and created the best video submission ever to prove just how much she wants to join the gang! How could I possibly crush her OMHG dreams by saying no? Be sure to cheer her on in the comments for being brave and going all out, plus bring your geeky or non-geeky self to our #OMHG chat today…all are welcome, all the time!  xoxo Jess

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I’m sure everyone here would agree that more people read Oh My Handmade than comment or participate in the fabulous weekly Twitter Chats.

I confess that one of them was me.

I was a wallflower wanting to participate but afraid to be laughed at or scorned because of my eccentricities.

Blogs like Oh My Handmade are so delicious and elegant that Jackie Kennedy herself would probably be a regular community member.

I myself craved participation but knew that my nature is geeky and clumsy. I would never fit in so I better be quiet so as not to be kicked off completely.

I wanted more than anything to fit into Oh My Handmade and to also submit a guest post.

Then it happened.

Like many of you, I saw Tiffany Clarke Harrison’s post titled “How to stand up to mean girls (the ‘self’’ edition).

It was the first time that I felt someone had reached inside my psyche and wrote the words directly from my head and heart.

Could it be possible that Oh My Handmade readers and contributors are made up of geeks like me?

After reading the posts and comments continually I realized that the Oh My Handmade community isn’t made up of geeks, but instead, accepting of geeks and everyone with eccentricities. That’s such a rarity, especially for a high profile online community where faces aren’t seen.

Eventually, I requested to guest post myself worried that my geek-i-ness would show through.

Jessika immediately put me on the waiting list but I also knew there were dozens of other people on that list. I thought I was buried. My dreams of guest writing on Oh My Handmade would never come to pass.

I posted my dream on Twitter one night in total despair. Yes, I wanted to guest post THAT bad.

Jessika happened to read my tweet and, after some back and forth, said I could have one shot at a guest post the following month. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I got an answer directly from Oprah. My husband was sleeping at the time and I jumped on the bed to wake him without any remorse. I had to tell him the news.

Then came those little voices that Harrison’s post warns about. “Who do you think you are?” “Jessika will never let a geek like you post something so geeky on her beautiful Jacki Kennedy blog.”

I shoved the thoughts back and went to work anyway determined to make the best guest vlog I’ve ever made … and to not care if it was geeky or rejected.

Once again, my eccentricities were accepted and above you can see my video dedicated just to the OMHG community.

I hope that a few more of you geeks come out of the cracks to participate. You definitely aren’t the only ones here anymore.

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Subscribe on for free then come back to Oh My Handmade and post your most embarrassing moment here in the comments (we promise we are laughing with you, not at you!). Winner will be chosen by on January 12th.

X0X0 Renae

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  1. Sarah says:

    I just love this video – and Renae! We all need to embrace our inner geek, and Renae manages to combine it with lots of amazing business advice and general awesomeness 🙂 Way to go girl!

  2. My most embarrassing moment was that time when… wait.. no, too embarrassing. There was this one.. hmmm.. no no.. oh, I know! I know! The time I blew coffee out of my nose from laughing so hard! That was, oh… 5 minutes ago when I was watching Renae’s video.

    Renae does such a great job “edu-taining” people with her blogs. 🙂 love it!

  3. So funny … can’t wait to watch more!
    My most embarassing moment recently was stooping off at a porta potty on a run … and hurrying of course not wanting to slow down my time … only to realize many minutes back into my run that I had toilet paper hanging out my shorts! 🙂

  4. That was adorably hilarious! I have so many embarrassing moments I don’t know which one to list. I’ll just go with the moment yesterday while at work in my office when I dumped my entire bowl of homemade chili onto my keyboard. Giant oooops!

  5. Darice says:

    Fun video! I signed up at Rich Mom but I’m having trouble thinking of my most embarrasing moment. (I do ridiculous stuff all the time and laugh at myself constantly.) Perhaps I should wander back to 7th grade when I was on the YMCA swim team and my bathingsuit strap broke (and I didn’t notice until I was out of the pool!) Everything was more embarrasing in middle school. 😉

  6. Amy says:

    omg, this was so funny! I too almost spit out my coffee! I have found a new blog and person that totally speaks to me! Thanks Renae, you are a true edutainer! I”m going to let me inner geek out more instead of keeping it inside for fear of…well you know. 😉 Thanks!

  7. LOVE LOVE! SO fun. I have to tell you about the time I was at a arts & crafts festival holding my then 1 year old daughter–her legs wrapped around my waist. We were just walking around having a grand time. I set her down and when I did my skirt slid right off with her-all the way down to my ankles!! It was one of those skirts that ties on the side–the knot had come undone when I was carting her around. I will tell you this is why I believe in the power of slips.

  8. Tania says:

    Oh how I wish I had just one “most” embarrassing moment. I am one that seems to have one daily. Like today when my 3 year old flicked a booger at the woman in front of me in line at the grocery store. Yup. Luckily it wasn’t where I normally shop. Phew!

  9. That video just completely made my dad. Oh my, you had me cracking up the whole time! I hope we see more of Renae and her “geeky” vibrancy around!

    Well, just recently, I was at the office and I could not figure out why all of the hole punches were jammed. When my coworkers came back from lunch, I went over to the group of them and said did someone come in here and break all the hole punchers? One of them grabbed the hole puncher out of my hand and released the lock, and laughing, handed it back to me. I just have to applaud myself for giving everyone a good laugh.

    But my real most embarrassing moment was when someone pulled my pants down, underwear and all, in 6th grade in the middle of a gym assembly with 200+ other kids in the room. That one was pretty traumatic.

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