Come Adventuring with OMHG!

Oh My! Handmade July Adventuring, Illustration by Gaia Cornwall

{Thank you to the genius Gaia Cornwall for our theme graphics!}

Hello Campers! Our first month of Camp OMHG whizzed by as we buckled down to learn and refresh our basic biz survival skills. This month we are taking those essential tools and heading out beyond ‘where there be dragons’ to chart our own path as creative entrepreneurs. July is all about adventuring, leadership, exploration, failure, and courage-just like entrepreneurship…

Three years ago today I hit publish on my very first OMHG post and stepped off the edge of the world as I knew it into a whirlwind adventure. Like any grand exploration along with the triumphs and oh so many joys there have been some truly scary moments and decisions, heartbreaks, and facing of fears. Our community has grown together over the years as we’ve seen births, deaths, moves, historic world events, and all the daily workings of life + business together. Getting to witness the courage and kindness of creatives all over the world and see the friendships growing here is the greatest privilege. I have never felt so supported and loved in all my life, OMHG has become my home, my community, and in many ways my family.  Thank you to every single one of you for helping to create this magical place where unicorns and cupcakes go hand in hand with true friendship and support. I hope that every time you visit here you leave sparkling with the same feeling of community and welcome!

Our new Aeolidia site and community forums are going to make the next 3 years even more magical. In under 2 months since our forum launch we’ve written over 2500 replies to each other, collaborated on projects & posts, met up in person in cities all over North America-and this is only the beginning!  To celebrate 3 years of OMHG community building I’d love to invite you to spend the next year adventuring with us, just click here or the image below to come join us and be welcomed in:


Blow up some balloons, toss about some confetti & join the party in the forums or comments. Has OMHG helped you on your business adventure already? I would love to hear your stories! 


  1. OMHG felt like home the first time I stumbled here. From the amazing chats to the even more amazing forums, I’ve built friendships, collaborations, and my business. Jessika, you instantly welcomed me in and made me feel more at home in an online community than I ever have. I love this place. I wake up in the morning excited to see what’s new with all of you and have a good dose of handmade goodness. You have become a second family and I can’t thank you enough for that! You words really say it best…this is truly a “magical place where unicorns and cupcakes go hand in hand with true friendship and support!”

    • Oh I am all weepy already, you darling are a sparkly unicorn of awesome-ever since I got your birthday card in the mail before we ever really chatted I knew we were going to be good friends! Since then I’ve loved every second of getting to know you & can’t wait for the day I get to squeeze you (and your new bambino) in person. Your joy & cheer bring such light to our community & my life!

      • I was totally tearing up when I read this too! lol. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet in actual person someday? I’m going to give you the biggest, most super duper hug ever! Now I’m weepy again. Mush mush. I’m so happy to have you as a friend.

  2. Citlalli says:

    Congrats Jess!! I cannot thank you and this marvelous community enough for all the support, encouragement, smiles, and the sheer joy to see everyone’s face!

    I’m extremely shy in person, and would never venture out and meet people, and you have made me feel like I fit right in; like I know you in person…thanks for being so warm and welcoming to not only me, but all of us!!!

    Sending you a seriously huge hug attack!! Thank you for making this my comfort zone! Love ya!!

    Here’s to many, many more years of handmade businessy goodness and

    • Hug attack!!!! I have been so thankful to get to know your loveliness Citlalli & get to be a part of watching you + your business grow. You bring the support, encouragement & smiles to our community every time you pop in & are such a valuable part of our crew! I hope that the love + cheerleading you take away from OMHG filters through the rest of your life so that venturing out to build your local community is a little less scary. Love you!

  3. colleen attara says:

    Jess…so agree. It feels like family here and I am so grateful. Being a part of this community has helped my business grow and brought me so many meaningful friendships. I know I just have to add #omhg and you all come running. Family for sure. Very strong. Very real. Applause and a big hug….

  4. Darice says:

    “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ― C.S. Lewis

    We have felt the tight embrace of friendship on a daily basis since joining this beautiful community. Not only have our doubts become harder to find, our ideas + inspiration have found dancing room + support. Here’s to you, Jessika, and every one of our Oh My neighbors! <3

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