Aeolidia’s Pretty Massive Creative Business Giveaway

01-header Hello, I’m Arianne, and I am “Captain & Founder” of a web and graphic design studio called Aeolidia. I’ve learned over the past few years to quit calling it a “small design studio,” now that there are 21 of us. Though I did get a little flustered introducing myself to someone over the weekend and saying that I “work for” Aeolidia – like I’m the receptionist or something (note: I do not have a receptionist)! Do you ever have a hard time noticing how far you’ve come? Jess kindly offered to let me share our anniversary celebration with the wonderful Oh My! Handmade readers, and of course I leapt at the chance, because I think just about most of you will delight in our manifesto and are well aligned with our company values. Aeolidia clients are bright burning flames

Our clients are handcrafters, designers, artists, oddballs, perfectionists, entrepreneurs, hard workers, bright burning flames! We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Is that you? Oh good. Read on!

A week of giveaways

Aeolidia loot giveaway Aeolidia manifesto freebie To celebrate our anniversary and the launch of our new site, we are smack in the middle of a week of giveaways. Don’t worry! You can still download the freebies and enter to win any of our giveaways. I’m going to give people time to check everything out, and then choose winners. If you see an entry form on the blog posts, you’re welcome to enter, because we’re trying something new this time: instead of having a set limit of winners, we are just trying to help as many people as we reasonably can.

Schedule of events

Please nose around our new site and enter to win as many as you’d like!

Monday: A celebration of the new site, and an adorable merman swag giveaway.
Read about our new site and get the swag »

Tuesday: A celebration of our clients, and free wallpapers and a manifesto you can print out and put on your desk.
Make your computer or phone pretty »

Wednesday: huge list of tips for improving sales on your website, and a free website evaluation.
Improve your site and enter to win »

Thursday: We help as many businesses as we can plan their next best step.
Ask us your burning questions »

Friday: We help as many business as we can set up a Shopify website.
Learn more about Shopify and let us do the setup for free »

Please share with your friends!

Our posts have some “pin-able” content and downloads – I’d love to have your help spreading these all over Pinterest and Instagram! We’d like to cast our net wide on our free service giveaway posts, so as many people as possible can enter to win. We will be reviewing websites, making “next step” plans for businesses, and setting up new Shopify sites, all for free, and as many as we can possibly fit in. I hope we can help your friends with their businesses. Please let them know. Thanks so much for following along over the years. I’m feeling happy!


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