Skill Swap: DIY Brown Sugar Scrub

DIY Brown Sugar Scrub Tutorial, Operation Soapbox for

Hello, my name is Cherish and I am the main formulator for  I craft this sugar scrub recipe almost weekly at home to help moisturize my hands and feet during dry & cold weather spells. Quickly learn this skill too and whip up your own to treat yourself or someone you love this month!


 Isopropyl alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) 90% or higher for sanitizing the scrub container

½ cup Brown Sugar *you can use organic, raw, or select ones with smaller size granules

3 tsp Olive Oil *you can use Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Almond Oil

¼ cup Liquid Soap unscented * liquid soap makes clean up much easier if used in tub or shower

Container 8 ounces or larger *if using glass, keep away from bath/shower areas

¼ to ½ tsp of essential oil or fragrance oil *Optional* I used ½ tsp of Uplifting Citrus Skin Conditioning Oil from Operation Soapbox for my Essential Oil blend


Step 1: Spray or rub alcohol in the container and on the lid, let air dry if you have the time or if you are in a rush you can use a paper towel to dry the container and lid after spraying.

Step 2: Now add the brown sugar of your choice into the container.

Step 3: Now add oil of your choice to the ¼ cup of liquid soap in a separate bowl, mix with a spoon and then pour on top of your brown sugar.  Slowly mix the oil and liquid soap into your brown sugar until liquid is fully incorporated with the brown sugar.

Step 4: Add essential oils or fragrance of your choice or you can leave unscented if you’d like.

You can use your scrub immediately but should discard left over scrub within two weeks of making.  Keep away from water sources.  I recommend following up the scrub with a creamy body butter or lotion to help lock in the moisture your skin needs.

If you plan to use essential oils to scent the scrub, I recommend using Rose Geranium, Blue Chamomile or Lavender.  Or if you are feeling adventurous you can craft your our own blend of essential oils.

I recommend only using a scrub once to twice a week, as over scrubbing any part of your skin can create micro-tears. This can cause the skin to become susceptible to bacteria; it may become red, irritated, or infected.  I do not recommend using this scrub on the face, as this part of your skin is very sensitive.  If you have any skin questions you should refer to a licensed aesthetician or your doctor for individual skin concerns.

I would love to see what you craft-up, please post pictures of your sugar scrubs and/or ask me questions at our Facebook page, good luck!

Cherish Driskell, Operation Soapbox Cherish Driskell | Operation Soapbox

I am a wild child, a loving Military wife, a mother to four, a designer and lover of all things creative. At Operation Soapbox creating is my passion and people are the inspiration. What better way to give back to my community then offering holistic bath & body products that are created with pride and care.


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