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Getting To Know – Iveth Morales of The Angry Weather

The Refuge NecklaceThe Getting To Know series features interviews with makers, artists, designers and small business owners at all different stages of their careers. I’m always interested in how other adventurers in the world of creative entrepreneurship run their businesses, get inspired and how they got started in the first place.

Iveth Morales is the spirited silversmith behind The Angry Weather. Her delicate nature-inspired designs are the perfect way to express your own weather within. Let’s meet Iveth:

Iveth Morales The Angry WeatherHi Iveth! To start with, I’d love to know a little bit about you and your business. 

My name is Iveth Morales and I love to make shiny things. I started making jewellery more than 10 years ago but it wasn’t until 2010 when I launched my first collection and started selling my jewellery online.

How did you get started designing jewelry?

It all started in Mexico: I got very into bead and wire jewellery (I love rocks and minerals). At first it was a hobby then I started selling it to my co-workers. I enjoyed this first approach to jewellery very much but I always felt I needed to make more and with the techniques I knew there was always something missing. Then I move to Canada and enrolled myself in metalsmith classes. With this new knowledge I obtained so much of the creative freedom I was looking for and eventually developed my first collection.

il_fullxfull.410053475_qinmYou grew up in Mexico before moving to Canada. How does culture influence your work? 

Tremendously but maybe not in the most obvious ways. The influence my native country has on me works from the deepness of my heart in the forms of memories, the love for my family and from the land. Many of my pieces are inspired by it, like my Rocks and Mountains collection for instance. I made these pieces thinking on my years living in northern Mexico, where deserts and mountains are part of a landscape that makes me so happy every time I see or think of it.

What’s the story behind the name “The Angry Weather“?

I always find myself mindlessly drawing clouds, little houses, raindrops. When I started in metal construction, the first things I made were weather-related pieces of jewellery and this is when I developed my first collection. The name came naturally afterwards as a way to describe what I was making. As newly arrived to Canada (I was born and raised in Mexico) I was also very impressed with the weather here, the drastic seasonal changes and of course, the snow!

Angry Weather Studio

What do you love about running your own business?

Being able to give wings to my creativity, to do what I love, to being able to fulfill the need of expressing myself through jewellery. Also, I love to have the freedom to do whatever I want on any given day!

What do you find the hardest? 

To remind myself that sometimes I need to catch a breath or have a bite to eat. To put myself a schedule. It’s easy to really neglect your basic needs when you get so into the work you are doing. Also, one of the hardest parts is not having a steady income source.

What’s your best-selling item? Which is your favourite item?

My best selling item is my Lightning bolt stud earrings and of course they’re one of my faves! I have so many favourites to be honest, but if I have to pick one it may be the Refuge necklace. This necklace is one of my most loved pieces and it means so much to me.

Etsy Roadtrip The Angry WeatherYou’re a very active in the Etsy community. Any tips for being a successful Etsy seller?

I think one of the most important things of being part of any community, is to get involved. With Etsy it happens the same way: the more you reach out and connect yourself with other creative folk the more you’ll learn about the business of making your work known and accessible for potential customers. What I consider to be one of the biggest advantages of Etsy is the TEAMS. Etsy teams are such a big part of Etsy’s heart and I’m lucky I discovered it early on my Etsy adventures. I’ve been so lucky as to meet so many amazing people through Teams that have help me grow by giving support, promotion, advice and friendship. So my advice for those new Etsy sellers trying to find their way to their potential customers would be: create a cohesive product that reflects you and to be proud of it; join a team, get involved with your community and enjoy the ride!

Angry Weather Cards

How do you feel about social media? Do you have any tips for balancing the demands of all the different platforms?

Social media is key for me and probably for most artisans, makers, artist, crafters trying to sell their work online. My tips here are quite simple and honestly based on my lack of multitasking skills, so they are not for everyone!

I have a similar mindset for social media as I have when making a piece of jewellery: I strive to give the person on the other side of the screen or the person that buys one of my pieces something that they won’t easily forget, so it’s quality not quantity. I try to make every one of my social media channels relevant, but I can’t put the same attention on all of them without neglecting the creative part of my business, so I focus on giving attention to the one I like the most or the one I’m better at it. I guess it’s all about priorities and focussing on what you do best or on what you enjoy the most.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. In my family, a trip, a smile, in a sunny day, in the breeze, in a memory, a story, a feeling, a book, a song and so on. I am easily captivated.

Angry Weather Packaging

Who are 3 makers / artists you admire?

I’m always inspired and amazed by all the creative folk around so picking just three would be hard but let me try. One of my local favourites is Noemiah: I admire Noemie’s creative power to transform herself and her work. Her style is consistently stunning and very recognizable. I admire Bookhou: Arounna is a super woman and one of the most hard working people I know. She has an unstoppable creative power! Sandra Juto is also on my list, I admire how she seamlessly puts together the things she loves/creates so cohesively, her creative endeavors become an inspiring lifestyle.

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Waking up late, eating blueberry crepes, watching movies with my family and having something delicious for dinner that I didn’t cook! Also, kudos if we managed to stay in PJ’s all day 😉

What is the biggest business lesson you’ve learned so far?

Believe in what you do!

Treat Yourself:

The Angry Weather Shop

Connect With Iveth:

Blog: Mademoiselle Cranky Pants

Facebook: The Angry Weather

Instagram: @theangryweather

Twitter: @TheAngryWeather

Video Credit – making of: The Refuge Necklace – Ricardo Meade from MAL DE OJO

Oh My! Gift Guide: Kids

Oh My! Gift Guide: Kids

This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week, we’re all about great gifts for kids to inspire their imaginations!


Alison’s PickHand Knit Crown from Lace and Cable

“I’m mom to a pre-schooler and am a big believer in gifts that encourage imagination and pretend play.  I love these hand-knit crowns because they can be used for so many things throughout the year – for dress up, pretend play, or for wearing on special days, like birthdays. Children love to invent their own worlds, from fairy lands to castles, and our gifts to them help to make childhood magical. I’m also a big believer in purchasing gifts that are handmade and support makers, so this gift fits perfectly with my gifting philosophy.” – Alison blogs about thoughtful gifting and creates Petit Mail – a snail mail subscription service for young children. You can find her at The Petit Cadeau.

Oh My! Gift Guide: Bamboletta

Jessika’s Pick – Bamboletta dolls from Bamboletta

Childhood should be a magical time full of wonder and to me Bamboletta dolls symbolize all the simple sweetness and value of a handcrafted life. Made with love on Vancouver Island, Bamboletta employs over 50 rural women from single mothers to elderly knitters, while inspiring goodness in so many other ways. We were lucky to have Christina, the founder of Bamboletta, come to our Maker’s Retreat and experience her delightfulness in person making her dolls that much more precious! – Jessika is a cheerful activist, community maker, and chief-unicorn-wrangler here at Oh My! Handmade, learn more about her here.

small object activity set

Jessica’s Pick – The Small Object Thumbprint Portraits by Sarah Neuburger

“This Thumbprint Portrait activity set is great for any age, skill level, and gender. It comes with everything one needs to get started making thumbprint portraits (ink pad and stickers). The kit allows kids to put their own personal spin on each portrait.  I also like that you can tear out each portrait after completing it to frame or give.  With my own children, I’ve learned that they love being able to make gifts just as much as they like to receive them. And on top of that, thumbprint people are just plain cute.” – Jessica Okui is the author of the craft and lifestyle blog Zakka Life. Zakka Life is updated weekly featuring craft projects, printables, Japanese craft books and design.


Shannon’s PickHeadmistress Knit Headband from Mini Mioche

“Even though I am in love with all of Mini Mioche’s locally-made products, these knit headbands for girls are just too adorable. I have a similar one in mommy size, so I’m planning on getting one for my two-year old daughter so she can be my mini-me.” – Shannon Fitzpatrick is one half of Hoopla, a creative events and display company, located in Toronto, Ontario. Creating unique event details, inspiring installations and beautiful floral creations for clients is what makes me oh so happy. I’m also a Mommy to two (almost three!) kids, which makes me oh so happier.


Robin’s PickChild’s Own Studio Softies

“This is just too cool! Child’s Own Studio takes children’s drawings and turns them into ‘softies’ (stuffed animals). I can’t wait for my daughter to start drawing so I can send in a photo. She will just love it!” – Robin Grant is the other half of Hoopla. Bringing colour and life to our clients’ events is what I love to do. Florals are my forte, but I definitely don’t shy away from a little hammer and nail every now and then. I’m also a rookie Mom with one daughter who has made my life just that much colourful.

Oh My! Gift Guide-Fidoodle story blocks

Jessika’s Bonus Pick – Fidoodle Story Blocks 

Fidoodle is a small design company in Toronto that produces artful objects inspired by storytelling, creative play and a love for small objects. Their toys are built from salvaged maple off-cuts, organic cotton, and industrial wool felt. Most of all, they think it’s important that our playful, modern designs are intriguing to both children and adults. Because we all play together.

‘We have three sets of Fidoodle story blocks (including the lovely winter scene pictured here that we set up under the tree every year!) as a parent I love their artistry as much as my kids love playing with them. We’ll be ordering this set for the holidays!’ -Jessika

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Oh My! Gift Guide: Giftable Art


This holiday season, we’ve asked some of our favourite creatives, bloggers, makers and OMHG members to join us in rounding up great gift ideas. This week, we’re all about giving the gift of art: 

Oh My! Gift Guide: Mount Royal Mint, Le Animale, Joyful Roots

Jessika’s Pick: Sakura Spirit Bear by Mount Royal Mint, Le Beast of Unfathomable Fabulousity by Le Animalé & Bear Totem painting by Joyful Roots 

“I can see Marisa shaking her head at me now since I was supposed to just choose ONE thing, thank goodness for editorial license 😉 My picks blur the line between art & craft, mixing fantasy, imagination and delight in three different mediums. I love creating tiny art altars in my home with little treasures, collecting art doesn’t have to be intimidating and a miniature collection is a great introduction to our wonderful creative world. Could you imagine unwrapping a box filled with this sweetness?” – Jessika is a cheerful activist, community maker, and chief-unicorn-wrangler here at Oh My! Handmade, learn more about her here.


Sara’s PickSriracha Sauce Bottle from Herman Marie 

“I enjoy art that makes me smile, and the happy rooster on this Sriracha sauce bottle does it! Artist Kim Laurenti has crafted this over-sized object out of wood and modeled it after the deliciously-spicy condiment. It’s a quirky, colorful piece that you can set on a desk, shelf, or attach it to the wall. I imagine Kim’s Sriracha bottle would be perfect for someone that loves to cook or dousing their eggs in this tasty sauce.” – Sara Barnes is creator of Brown Paper Bag, a daily blog that catalogs illustration in its many wonderful forms. She’s a fan of things that are cute, clever, and strange, and has an affinity for tattoos, ceramics, and embroidery. Read her blog or find her on Instagram.

Cathy Terepocki Containers

Janine’s PickCeramic Containers from Cathy Terepocki

“I have one of these lidded containers by Cathy Terepocki on my dresser and I look at it every morning when I wake up. I don’t yet know what I’m going to store in it, but it was a trade with the artist and so it embodies good, creative feelings. If someone were to give one of Cathy’s ceramics, I think those good feelings would naturally come with it too.” – Janine is the publisher and designer of UPPERCASE, a quarterly print magazine for the creative and curious.


Jenn’s PickJill Bliss Art Print

“I have been following Jill Bliss on instagram for some time now. Her posts are the most magical in my feed! I absolutely love her playful watercolors. They remind me of exploration, adventure, and the most beautiful places we can go. Perfect for the nature + sea lover on your list!” – Drawing inspiration from nature’s details, colors, and organic forms, designer Jenn Lamb aims to inspire wonder and brighten our world.  Jenn spends her days crafting cheerful + modern ceramic wares for people who believe in the magic of the moment. Find her on Instagram – @unurthwonder

ink joy bracelets

Marisa’s Pick – Spirit Guide Bracelets by INKNJOY

“I love the idea of giving (or receiving) wearable art and these spirit guide bracelets from NYC artist Tania Nunez are sure to charm. Each hand painted piece features a spirit guide animal and a playful mix of colour and pattern. Think of them as paintings you wear around your wrist!” – Inspired by her love of Japanese stationery shops, Marisa Edghill opened online shop in 2010. Omiyage is best known for its selection of wonderful washi tape.


Bonus PickPapirmiss Subscription

Who doesn’t love a great mail day? Give the gift of a Papirmiss subscription and the giftee will receive a monthly delivery of art & literature all year long. Every month is a new and unique surprise featuring the work of one artist and one writer. (And it’s surprisingly affordable!)

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