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MakerMail – an OMHG co-op project

Maker Mail by OMHG

MakerMail is a revolutionary co-op service delivering handmade goodness straight from our makers right to your door!

MakerMail is the first collaborative project entirely created by OMHG community members!  The team took an idea thrown around at an #OMHG chat and used our collaboration tools to turn it into a beautifully crafted movement directly connecting our makers and supporters of handmade. Round 1 was a sold out success and we’re getting ready to launch Round 2 tomorrow.

Download the MakerMail PDF press kit! 

How Maker Mail Works

There are two lovely options to choose from…

Letter Mail $35: 3 flat mailers of pretty little paper goods like prints and notecards.

Packages $60: beautiful handmade objects, wrapped for giving, delivered right to your mailbox.

Each item is handmade with love & shipped from the Maker to you, a series of sweet little goodies arriving to brighten your day & connect you with our community! We want your MakerMail to feel like a gift from a dear friend, so each package comes with a personal handwritten note. Your purchase directly supports makers with profits going right back to the hands that made the goodness!

Signups begin Oct 15 and this round’s goodies will go out Nov 19 just in time for the holiday giving season. Products will be chosen at random for a sweet surprise at your door!


Signups open Oct. 15th-join the mailing list to be the 1st to know


Tweet: I can’t wait to see what the Oh My! Handmade community has in store for #makermail! Coming soon:

Tweet: #MakerMail’s new round, the gifting edition for the 2014 holiday season, has almost arrived! Find it here:

Tweet: This round of #MakerMail has two different options this time — Letter Mail and Packages — and all new Makers as well!

Tweet: #MakerMail slots will open for this round starting Oct 15, and will be shipped starting Nov 19 — plenty of time for gift-giving!

Hooray for our MakerMail team Genevieve, Kimberly, Cody & Melissa who all worked so hard to pull this second round together & Kimberly of Joyful Roots for creating all the beautiful illustrations and branding for MakerMail. Cheer them on in the comments!

Philadelphia’s Art Star Craft Bazaar

Megan Brewster graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2000 with a BFA in ceramics. She started the Art Star Craft Bazaar in 2003 with fellow Tyler grad Erin Waxman. In 2004 the duo opened up their Brick n' Mortar shop called Art Star, which sells a wide range of handmade goods by artists from across the US. She knits a line of accessories under the name Scout Handknits. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two cuddly cats.

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Makers! Make A Movement this October

MakeAMovement3 On the 17th of October we’ll be gathering to make our first Maker’s Retreat on Cortes Island in BC. There is still time to join forces with us and   say yes to five days of crafting community and collaboration! For everyone who can’t make it we’ll be bringing OMHG along as we dedicate October to sharing ways we can make a movement with our head + heart + hands. Makers have been making movements since our prehistoric days- our hands telling the stories of our culture and creating a legacy to pass down to future generations for good or bad. Making is an act of creation and no matter how small our actions every stitch or pixel can be part of crafting a better, kinder, warmer, more connected world.  This little blurb from the back of Craftivism couldn’t be more perfect:

Sharing stories of how people make changes in the world through creative acts of making, Betsy Greer reminds us that revolutions are small before they are grand. In the spirit of craftivism, she gives voice to others, sharing their stories to demonstrate how collaboration – as much as action and listening – can effect change. —Namita Gupta Wiggers on Craftivism: The Art & Craft of Activism edited by Betsy Greer

Whether you want to make more diverse communities, celebrate global cultural mash-ups, or craft a life of meaning with small acts of intention, this month we invite you to join us as we make a movement. Not one where we wave banners, shout, or rally to a cause but one of simple, intentional actions that help us remember how making defines us & what we make together can make a movement, so let’s make good! 

GATHER: with us to make a collaborative retreat and foundation for future events where we can all be leaders, teachers & makers.

SUBMIT: Put our head + heart + hands to work this month by submitting your stories, projects and thoughts on how to make a movement.

JOIN IN: Start conversations about things that matter to you, tag them #OMHG or better yet become a citizen and be part of making the first community led social network.

What kind of movement do you want to make?